Music, Fun, and Purpose w/Romeo Crow!

June 17, 2016

Romeo Crow - Home - Blog - 250-250Guys, today we talk with the one and only, singer and writer Romeo Crow...and he is a special man! I will let him tell you about himself :) -

I’m a family man, teacher and storyteller who uses songs, films, photos, words and my voice to inspire, entertain and educate people (preferably all at the same time!).

I create all my music, films and writing in my lounge, in and among all my daughter’s toys.

Or, if I’m feeling especially adventurous and creative I might use the wider world around me; the block of flats I live in, the streets nearby, Battersea Park, iconic parts of London or anywhere I can get away with filming for free 🙂

I’m inspired when people push themselves to improve, no matter how big or small the goal, and I hope to inspire other people in a similar fashion; if I can help or even just encourage people to improve their skills or situation even a little, that makes me a very happy man!

I also train martial arts, play chess and love to travel.

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