The Thriving Orphan with Entrepreneur Vanessa Mbamarah

August 24, 2016

VanessaPicOrphaned at a very delicate time of her life and being a single mother with 3 siblings to raise alone, Vanessa’s dream of becoming a pillar of support for other children and women passing through similar experiences was kindled. Her experiences taught her that life is no bed of roses but with a clear vision, determination and focus, anything is achievable.Today, Vanessa Mbamarah is the Founder/CEO of Ztallion, a platform that was born out of a need to reach out to less privileged kids and women. She also runs a social media marketing agency and training institute  through her Ztallion for Business and Ztallion Academy respectively.

She shares her success story and how she joggles it all together.-->

I CALLED HER A FRAUD-& You Won’t Believe what Happened NEXT!

August 22, 2016

What do you get when you put an indie author, songwriter and a pet entertainer in the same room with two french, Fred Bye one english, Frankie Picasso? A GREAT SHOW!~!!

donegrowedupCome and meet Mary Moroney, author of Done Growed Up, a fictional story set in the good ole south in the late 5o’s early 60’s when Jim Crow laws prevailed and southern gentility was still a THING..throw in heroin, alcohol, black/white issues and you have a WINNING NOVEL.

Romeo Crow is a family man, songwriter, musician, photography, writer, filmmaker, presenter and teacher who loves to inspire, entertain and educate people (preferably all at the same time!). Romeo_Crow_-_2015_Thumbnail_Full-300x169

LEE DAY, Pet Entertainer, Bark Mitzvah officiant and GRoomer for the STARs, joined us- she is putting on an amazing variety Show, Sept.17th  at the Metropolitan Room in NYC,  to entertain your PETS and YOU in order to raise money for Rowdy Girl Vegan Animal Sanctuary in lee-day-petertainerf-258x300Texas. She sings some rousing show tunes!! 2 Dog Biscuit minimum to get in:)

Divorce, Miracles, and Magic w/ Author Amy Van Atta Slater

August 19, 2016

Amy is a SVP to a high tech Fortune 500 company in the Bay Area, she is a leadership mentor and a highly sought after keynote speaker who wrote a book on how she overcame an onslaught of challenges that hit her at the same time.  The issues ranged from chronic IBS, the surprising end of a 17 year marriage, becoming a single parent to her three daughters overnight and her father’s diagnosis of Lewy Body Dementia, Amy was determined not to fall into depression or resign all hope.  It was Amy’s commitment to maintaining a positive outlook and taking responsibility for her happiness that has changed not only her life, but the lives of all those she comes in contact with.

As a keynote speaker, Amy has present all over the country.

You can visit Amy’s website at www.AmyVSlater.

The Power of Creativity and Visionary Fiction w/ Novelist Eleni Papanou

August 17, 2016

Eleni Papanou is a lightworker and author of visionary fiction. She wrote her first poem when she was an outcast at school. Honored with the name  “Greek Freak,” she believed life was plagued with misery, torment and endless suffering. A spontaneous kundalini awakening thrust Eleni on a spiritual path that constantly tested her to the breaking point by challenging her world-view and everything else she held sacred. Through visions and personal insights, Eleni eventually discovered the Universe has a sense of humor. She started laughing more—mostly at herself—whenever she caught herself taking things too seriously. After many years on the path of self-rediscovery—along with the addition of a husband, two daughters and a bout with cancer, Eleni had a lot to say. Having already written several screenplays, she decided to describe her experiences in novel form. Eleni’s second  novel, Jessie’s Song, will be published in June, and she’s currently plotting her eighth book. She’s also one of the founding members of the Visionary Fiction Alliance.

Dear Terrorist, Why do you Hate Me?

August 15, 2016


This is my debut episode on FrankieSense and More! 

What motivates Islamic terrorists? What is in the mind of terror? Our news reports from the Middle East cover events—bombings, massacres, and suicide attacks. Our newscasters take time to explain who the players are—from Hezbollah to the Iranian Quds, from ISIS to the Palestinian National Authority. But there is something underneath these events and players that fuels atrocity after atrocity in the Middle East. What is it? Tass Saada provides the answer to that question as he delves into the mind of terror, explaining what motivates extremist groups throughout the Middle East. A former Muslim and a onetime sniper with Yasser Arafat’s Fatah organization, Tass has lived it himself. At age 42, he steered his life in a radical new direction, committing it to Jesus. Tass not only describes the motivations and aspirations of those who live in the Middle East, he also outlines a peaceful solution. We can plant seeds of hope that will transform not only the Middle East, but also our increasingly diverse neighborhoods at home. Discover the mind behind terror and how to oppose its grip.

carreCarre Armstrong Gardner is a delightful guest, wonderful author who also happens to have a full time nursing career. They Danced On, is the third book in her Darling Family Trilogy. Carre is amazing at building her characters and the themes she presents in this novel are sure to touch any reader. I personally felt aligned with Jane Darling, the main character, whose last child just left home and she is feeling bereft at the absence. It’s very difficult to go from theydanced onMother to not being one. She also grapples with addiction in the novel, a terminal illness and a child who moved from the USA to AFrica. This was the last of her ‘Christian novels and Carre says she is moving on to youth SciFi.

Carre is a former worker with children at risk in Russia. Now she lives in Portland, Maine with her husband and three teenagers, . Visit her at

Historical Fiction, War, and Nisei w/Novelist JJ White

August 12, 2016
We are Happy to have novelist JJ White on the show! After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States government encouraged all eligible young men to enlist immediately in the fight against its enemies overseas. All eligible young men except Japanese-Americans.Nisei is the story of Hideo Bobby Takahashi, a Hawaiian-born Japanese-American who must overcome prejudice, internment, and the policies of his own government to prove his loyalty to his country.Narrated by Bobby Takahashi and read by his son, Robert, 46 years after Bobby’s death, the story details the young Nisei’s determination to fight honorably for his country and return to the young love he was forced to leave, a girl he cannot have because she is white.

Erase the Problem of Bullying w/ Author Jill Vandewood

August 10, 2016

eraseBullyingBullying, discrimination, teasing, and abuse are harmful. Some violate your civil rights, as well. And all of them are wrong.

Bullies nearly kept NBA All Star James Donaldson from a successful basketball career. Abby was bullied by her friends' parents because of her mom's occupation. Federal prisoner Cedric Dean learned at a young age to bully others to get what he wanted, but now works to educate troubled youth. Their stories, along with many others, offer insight into bullying from the perspective of both the victim and the bully.

Experts, from authors to retired court judges, share information and resources to help both kids and parents learn their rights and ways to protect from bullying.

Others have survived bullying and built successful lives.

You can, too.

Building a Successful Idea w/Inventor Warren Wilson

August 5, 2016

WarrenWilsonWarren Wilson is a proven expert in using the inventive process to create new businesses, products, services or solutions to your problems.

More importantly, he explains proven strategies to increase the creative abilities of your listeners and the people they work with. Within a very short space of time they can have more new products, services and solutions to their problems than they ever thought possible.

Everything Warren does, including his book, How to Think Like an Inventor, is designed to help people have more of what THEY want in life.

He hopes to inspire and educate people to have a more successful and fulfilling life by sharing the strategies that allowed him, an introverted backyard inventor from Australia, to turn his idea - a kid's building block system called BetterBlocks - into a product which had $45 Million in sales.

The Emergence of Visionary Fiction w/ Novelist and Founder Jodine Turner

August 3, 2016

jodineTurner bestJodine Turner is a best-selling, and multiple award winning author of Young Adult/Adult fantasy, visionary fiction, magical realism, and paranormal romance. She is also an Adorata Practitioner in the spiritual path of embodying divine love and balancing the feminine and masculine within; as well as a therapist, consecrated priestess, and deacon in the Gnostic Church of Mary Magdalene.

What Is Visionary Fiction?

Visionary Fiction embraces spiritual and esoteric wisdom, often from ancient sources, and makes it relevant for our modern life. Gems of this spiritual wisdom are brought forth in story form so that readers can experience the wisdom from within themselves. Visionary fiction emphasizes the future and envisions humanity’s transition into evolved consciousness. While there is a strong theme, it in no way proselytizes or preaches.

Visionary is a tone as well as a genre. The ‘visionary’ element can technically be present in any genre and set in any time.

To Be Unstoppable w/ Frankie Picasso!

July 29, 2016

frankieblack1The Unstoppable Frankie Picasso is the Founder of The Good Radio Network, Radio Host  of Mission Unstoppable Radio & FrankieSense & More.

She is also an Author, Professional Certified Life, Business, Relationship and Master Coach Trainer, Hypnotherapist and Social Entrepreneur!

Frankie is socially conscious and is currently working on growing her radio platform The Good Radio Network into a profitable, philanthropic venture where Talk radio goes beyond talk into the realm of doing. Her tag is ‘ RADIO that Does a World of Good!’

Frankie’s dream is to use The Good Radio  platform to build a legacy of giving that will continue to impact the social good  long after she is gone.

She can be reached at and her website is www.thegoodradionetwork. And

The Life of a Writer, Inkshares, and Traveller’s Cup w/A.C. Baldwin

July 27, 2016
AC decided a few years ago that she was going to write books. Then life kicked her in the face and she realized she needed to actually work hard to accomplish things. Since then she's taken on challenges like NaNoWriMo on at least a yearly basis to toughen up her writing skills. She's written several unmentionable novels, and has had a few pieces of micro-fiction published. Now she's got until September to sell 750 copies of her debut science-fantasy novel, The Traveller's Cup.

Weight Loss Secrets w/The Blind Blogger

July 22, 2016

q?_encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B01GAOLB6G&Format=In It's Not the Cookie, It's the Bag, blind man Maxwell Ivey Jr shares the ups and downs of his weight loss --- and weight maintenance --- journey to good health. He also reveals the exact methods he uses in his day-to-day life to achieve and maintain his phenomenal success.

Going from 512 pounds to a 250-pound, lean, mean machine in just two years, Max tells you how YOU can replicate his success and become the person you want to be... the person you were meant to be... the person you deserve to be... one small step at a time.

So what are you waiting for?

Get started today!

Use Max's methods to become happy for the rest of your life!

After all, if a blind man can do this, why can't you?

A Hero’s Journey w/Author Jeff Rasley

July 20, 2016

q?_encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B01FPTS0G6&Format=His latest book, Hero's Journey - John Ritter, the Chip Hilton of Goshen, Indiana; is a part memoir about childhood heroes and part biography of John Ritter, who is the best basketball player from his hometown and still holds all the scoring records.  John graduated from Goshen High School in 1969.  He was a star for the Indiana University Hoosiers and captain of Bob Knight's first Final Four team.  His life later took a very unexpected turn.  John set out to discover what happened to John and why.  The book is also a meditation on what makes a hero, why individuals and nations need heroes, and how they are used and abused.

Itty Bitty Publishing and Success w/Suzy Prudden

July 15, 2016


We are so honored to have Suzy Prudden on Creative Magic Unchained! She is a very successful woman with plenty of inspiration to share! I'll let her tell you who she is:

I am a best selling author of 12 books including the best Selling, Suzy Prudden's Spot Reducing Book (Workman Publishing). My most recent books include Suzy Prudden's Itty Bitty Weight Loss Book, Suzy Prudden's One Stop Diet Revolution and the 2nd edition of MetaFitness: Your Thoughts Taking Shape, which was featured on Oprah. These three books are now available on Kindle.

A former clinician to the President's Council on Physcal Fitness and Sports and The Voice of NewReality. I have been in the health an wellness industry for over 45 years; most recently specializing in weight loss.

Living a Creative Life w/Novelist Lovelyn Bettison

July 13, 2016


Lovelyn Bettison is an author who believes that the world is full of possibilities.

She thinks that too often people let their fears stop them from living their best lives. Her writing explores that theme. She writes subtle stories with supernatural elements about relationships, change, and realizing life is what you make it. Lovelyn's latest book, Perfect Family, is about a woman struggling to keep a secret that could destroy the facade she's spent years building.

On her blog, Lovelyn writes about her own life lessons and explores how we can all overcome the obstacles that hold us back.

She hopes that her writing will inspire others to have the courage to pursue their dreams and live more authentic lives.

Millennials, Success, and Branding w/Brand Strategist Leonard Kim

July 8, 2016

LK-roundLeonard Kim is managing partner of InfluenceTree. At InfluenceTree, Leonard and his team teach you how to build your brand, get featured in publications and growth hack your social media following.

Leonard’s content has been read over 10 million times. He has amassed a social media following of well over 100,000 people. He has been profiled and/or featured in publications ranging from Inc., Fortune, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Huffington Post and more. He has been on more podcasts than he can name, ranging from Success Hackers to Ask Altucher.

Arts, Novels, and The Helvetian Affair w/ Novelist Ray Gleason

July 6, 2016

q?_encoding=UTF8&ASIN=1630477028&Format=Ray Gleason is the popular author of the novel, The Violent Season, and the Gaius Marius Chronicle.

His first book, A Grunt Speaks: A Devil’s Dictionary of Vietnam Infantry Terms, reflects his experience as an infantryman and ranger for the three combat tours he served in Vietnam. Gleason became an advocate for the Vietnam-era generation in his novel, The Violent Season.

The first novel of the Gaius Marius Chronicle, The Gabinian Affair, was released by Morgan James Fiction in October, 2015. Book two, The Helvetian Affair, is scheduled for release in May, 2016.

Gleason received an MA and Ph.D. from Northwestern University where teaches Medieval Literature. Gleason also teaches writing at Purdue.

Gleason swaps his time between Chicago and northern Indiana with his wife, Jan Peyser, an award-winning silversmith jeweler and the author of The Opera Cat.

Master Your Email Marketing w/Max Rouzier!

July 1, 2016


That Man Max! Max is a special kind of dude. I'll let him tell you who he is: 

Hi I'm Max!, a journalist turned marketer who writes "irreverent" emails. 

Now I'm helping my passionate leaders share and teach their expertise one, bite-sized email at a time. 

My website is a bit blech, but my emails are brilliant with provocative tips on growing your audience, building your email list, and making sales with lifetime customers. 

But it's for serious professionals only. 

I write daily so you can act immediately on what you learn. I also read and respond to all my emails so I can help you directly. 

Let's have some fun.

How To Build a Proposal for your Book w/SJ Hodges!

June 29, 2016

SJHodgesphotoSJ Hodges is an eleven time published writer who completed her MFA in Dramatic Writing at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. She won the 2008 LA Weekly Annual Theatre Award for Playwriting for her play How Cissy Grew. In addition, SJ worked as a celebrity interviewer and film industry reporter for Interview magazine and wrote for A&E’s popular Biography series. Her first novel, Party Favors, a roman a clef co-authored with Nicole Sexton was published by Lyons Press.  Her second book, a memoir co-authored with Deborah Strobin and Ilie Wacs is entitled An Uncommon Journey. It was purchased by Barricade Books. Her third book, a memoir co-authored with Animal Planet’s “Pit Boss” Shorty Rossi was purchased by Random House. It hit #36 on Amazon and went into its 3rd printing six weeks after its release date. As an editor, SJ has worked on books published by Vanguard Press, Perseus Book Group and St. Martin’s Press.

Visit SJ Hodges's Website Now!

Straight Talk about ENVY w/ Author Richard Smith

June 24, 2016


Richard Smith is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Kentucky. He majored in English at Brown University and completed his Ph.D. in social psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He studies social emotions such as awe, envy, and schadenfreude.

Talking Marketing, Design and Standing out with blogger Hannah!

June 22, 2016


Hannah has always loved learning, especially about communication topics. She obtained a degree in education so, the more she learned, the easier she would be able to teach others. Currently, Hannah likes to teach others about design, marketing, and personal development. She does this through her blogging on and the Adventure podcast. To help children foster the same love of learning, no matter what topics interest them, Hannah also works as a Library Specialist for the nonprofit Books for Kids.

Music, Fun, and Purpose w/Romeo Crow!

June 17, 2016

Romeo Crow - Home - Blog - 250-250Guys, today we talk with the one and only, singer and writer Romeo Crow...and he is a special man! I will let him tell you about himself :) -

I’m a family man, teacher and storyteller who uses songs, films, photos, words and my voice to inspire, entertain and educate people (preferably all at the same time!).

I create all my music, films and writing in my lounge, in and among all my daughter’s toys.

Or, if I’m feeling especially adventurous and creative I might use the wider world around me; the block of flats I live in, the streets nearby, Battersea Park, iconic parts of London or anywhere I can get away with filming for free 🙂

I’m inspired when people push themselves to improve, no matter how big or small the goal, and I hope to inspire other people in a similar fashion; if I can help or even just encourage people to improve their skills or situation even a little, that makes me a very happy man!

I also train martial arts, play chess and love to travel.

Listen to Romeo's Music Now!

Apex Predator w/Novelist Kelvin Kwa!

June 15, 2016

Kelvin Kwa PhotoMELBOURNE, Australia – After years of environmental destruction from warfare and exploitation of limited resources, melting icecaps are hardly humanity’s problem after military expeditions awaken a sleeping giant. “Apex Predator” by Kelvin Kwa is equal parts military techno-thriller and science fiction horror. Set in the very near future, the story follows the officers and crew of a United States nuclear submarine, a highly trained splinter unit of Navy SEALs, a Chinese Special Forces commander and a rogue freelance intelligence agent as they are entangled in a sinister covert operation that will see them hunted and betrayed by friend, enemy and monster alike.
“All of the things I have experienced contribute towards knowledge and imagination that I apply to my writing. I have a passion for a good story, and an epic story is best when shared,” Kwa said.
Though the book touches on issues such as technology, climate change, LGBT in military
service and scientific ethics, it’s first and foremost a thriller written for entertainment
purposes. “Apex Predator” is the book that Kwa wanted to write after spending a lifetime
invested in film, novels, comics and video games.

Get Apex Predator Now!
Apex Predator Cover

Talking Music, John of God, and Lyme Disease w/Gregg Kirk!

June 10, 2016

GreggThe Zen Engines is a band and music project headed by Gregg Kirk, who currently hails from the NYC metro area in the US. The content of their debut release “Obrigado” is the result of Kirk’s decade-long battle with Lyme Disease and his subsequent visit to John of God’s Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola in Abadiania, Brazil. While there, Kirk experienced a major reduction of his symptoms and a spiritual awakening that gave fodder to almost every song on the release.

Originally from the Philadelphia area, Kirk got his start playing with Philly legend Robert Hazard shortly after Hazard penned “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” for Cyndi Lauper, and then Kirk went on to form his own bands, including The Killtoys and Shovelhead.

The latter group battered the Philly region with their post-grunge sound in the mid-90s and shared the stage with an impressive list of bands including Fugazi, fIREHOSE, Goo Goo Dolls, Godflesh and Dread Zeppelin. In 1996, A&M Records paid for them to record an album and then subsequently dropped them.

In 1999, Kirk moved to the NYC metro area where he built his own recording studio and formed a songwriting partnership with Austin, TX native Timothy Abbott. The two created The Figurados and released two critically-acclaimed CDs: “Divine Spirits, Holy Smoke” and “Lesson Two,” which the band supported by playing live in both the Austin and NYC areas.

When that project came to a halt in late 2010, Kirk embarked on his healing pilgrimage to Brazil and within days new songs began to emerge. Originally the focus of the tunes was self-healing, but Kirk soon realized that the music and vibrations could have a powerful effect on others and that has become the major focus of this release… to raise the vibrations and healing of anyone who hears these songs.

Visit Gregg's Site Now!

The Dance and Inspiration w/Novelist Suzie Carr!

June 8, 2016
suzie-carr-1Suzie Carr is a contemporary novelist, philanthropist and avid blogger. When she's not writing, conducting hands-on research, exercising, or blending a green smoothie concoction, she's likely snuggling with her beloved white Boxer, Bumblebee. Whether it's writing fiction books about love and life, inspiring new authors, advocating for LGBT equality and animal welfare or blogging about community awareness, positive living, taking action and inspiration, Suzie remains passionate in her beliefs! She believes strongly in giving back to the community and donates a portion of book sale proceeds to the Hearts United for Animals and NOH8 Campaign.


Serial Entrepreneurship with Matt Remuzzi!

June 3, 2016

mattremuzziMatt has started multiple businesses, bought one, sold over 20 as a broker and has seen a few go down the tubes! He is now working hard to grow CapForge Bookkeeping into a nationally recognized brand for small business bookkeeping.

He has a bestselling QuickBooks Book on Amazon and several more books in the works including a compilation from the podcast. He hosts the Entrepreneur Talk podcast  and is a frequent blogger on his own site as well as many other blogs where  he shares his experience and knowledge about small business startup, operations, growth and exits. He has many tips to share on improving existing businesses from top to bottom!

Matt has an MBA with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship from SDSU, many bookkeeping certifications and was formerly a licensed business broker in CA for a number of years.

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Personal Development for Success w/Ted Talks Speaker Debi Silber!

June 1, 2016

debi_silberDebi "gets it." She understands the unique demands of the busy professional because she's one too. Managing a business, a PhD program, a big family and more, Debi knows what's necessary to get results without wasting time. Everything she teaches comes from that perspective; results without fluff. Whether she's teaching audiences, organizations or her elite private clients, Debi's unique style, strategies and tools have become the secret edge to some of the healthiest, most dynamic, successful professionals today.

Get To Know Debi Now! 

Shards Of Murder w/Novelist Cheryl Hollon

May 27, 2016

CherylHollonCheryl Hollon writes full time after she left an engineering career of designing and building military flight simulators in amazing countries such as England, Wales, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan and India.

Fulfilling the dream of a lifetime, she combines her love of writing with a passion for creating glass art. In the small glass studio behind their St. Petersburg, FL, 1920's craftsman bungalow, Cheryl and her husband design, create, and produce fused glass, stained glass and painted glass artworks and jewelry.

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Talking Souletics with Damon J Smith!

May 25, 2016
damonjsmithDamon JSmith is a 2-sport professional athlete turned engineer whose socially responsible technology company develops products that improve health, wellness, career readiness and social awareness.  He has played professional football, raced professional motocross, written multiple books on the topics of sports & society, fitness & nutrition, and career development, hosted his own political talk radio show, traveled internationally as a public speaker, created a social activism stage show combining music, spoken word and multi-media, and was recognized as one of 50 "Do-Right Men" by Essence Magazine.  He worked as an engineer for Intel Corporation for 18 years before leaving to launch his own health & wellness technology company, Souletics.  His new "Game of Choices II The Ultimate Career Test" iOS app is currently ranked #2 for careers in the iTunes app store.
As Rafa Selase of The Souletics Experience, available at
                                                                              Game of Choices II, available here
games of choice

Best-Selling Sci-Fi Series w/ Novelist Randolphe Lalonde

May 20, 2016

The war is on! Conflict grips the Iron Head Nebula and the star system that Jake, Ayan, Minh-Chu and their loved ones call home. The Order of Eden, British Alliance and other organisations creeping in the shadows enter into an all-or-nothing conflict that will change the political shape of the galaxy for centuries while Freeground is forced to leave its home space in search of help and safety.

This is what the crew of the Triton, the Warlord and the residents of Haven Shore hoped to avoid, but it was inevitable. The great galactic war has begun, and there are even more combatants waiting in the shadows to exert their influence on the conflict

If you'd like to begin reading this best-selling indie Space Opera from the very beginning, you can find the first volume, Spinward Fringe Origins, for free wherever quality Ebooks are sold.

Get The Book or The Series Now!

Manifesting Your Desires w/Author Ken Elliot

May 18, 2016

kenelliotHave you ever had the sense that your thoughts might actually be doing something? Imagine you are a genie and everything you wish begins to form up right in front of you. First is your thought and thought creates form.

From Ken Elliott’s personal experiences and the stories in this book, you will learn exactly how your thoughts take form and how to efficiently and simply put it to work for you. You have been creating like this all your life, but it has never been fully explained for you until now. This is that rare book with new evidence that will change your view of the world. For 20 years, Ken has experienced sending objects in thought and having them appear in real-time. At last, this most elemental of ancient Secrets is revealed; how your thoughts are constantly shaping the reality around you.

This is the game changer that explains how manifesting and the law of attraction actually work. Manifesting 123 is a results oriented book using simple techniques. It is filled with amazing stories from people describing their successes using the simple methods taught by Ken.

Get The Book Now!

Finding Tambri w/Novelist Sherry Meeks!

May 13, 2016

Sherry Meek's debut novel, Finding Tambri, is about a woman whose perfect marriage to her high school sweetheart disintegrates when she loses their four year old son. Tambri punishes herself with a series of bad marriages, not feeling worthy of love, yet the story and Tambri still hold humor, hope and redemption.

Sherry earned her MFA in Fiction Writing at Southern New Hampshire University and teaches at two colleges in Georgia.

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Goya’s Ring w/ Novelist Richard L Katz!

May 11, 2016

Goya’s Ring and The Naked Maja Dancing is based on a series of actual events. The signature event took place at Karnzow Castle where the then owner was asked to hide stolen Holocaust art. Dick visited that Castle, met with the current owner and was given a private tour showing me where the art had been hidden. Dick also learned many things about the Castle that he incorporated into the novel.

Goya’s Ring that tells the tale of Alessandra Santana, a beautiful opera singing Spanish Art historian who risks her life to recover a priceless Goya masterpiece lost to the art world for 200 years and stolen by the Nazis. In her quest, she unexpectedly unlocks secrets of her own past as well as that of her client that ties them together

Although the novel has elements of Woman in Gold and The Monuments Men, it’s an action adventure story more on the lines Indiana Jones’ movies and The Da Vinci Code.

Get Goya's Ring Now!

Xtreme Options w/ Novelist Ron Stelle!

May 6, 2016

Sometimes in life we find a calling we are compelled to answer. Ron Stelle found out, through gentle persuasion by his wife, that writing was what he was meant to do. After turning on the faucet with his first novel about growing up in the sixties, the faucet has become a major waterfall. Ron writes with a passion driven by a desire to share his stories and is very, very good at bringing the reader into the world he has created. The characters are vivid and likable, well most of them anyway. Ron also has a unique way of bringing humor into his stories as well, humor that will have you laughing out loud, despite the fact that you might be on a plane while others are sleeping. 

He has written six novels from coming of age comedy to supernatural thrillers. His latest work, Xtreme Options, is a fast paced Detective Murder Mystery that throws the Irish pair of Bryce Mallory and Shamus Crawley into a whirlwind of excitement as they match wits with the High Stakes Killer, who gives his victims a chance to walk away if they win the bet. Ron enjoys playing rock guitar and drums, spending time with his wife Sandy and his children and grandchild and motivating others to follow their dreams.

Peptalk from the Fat Doc w/CEO Braxton Cosby!

May 4, 2016

12627 Fat Free for Life-Front CoverDr. Braxton A. Cosby is the CEO of Cosby Media Productions, a full-service media company that specializes in producing content in print, music, television and film. Cosby earned his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Miami and has been practicing Physical Therapy for over 13yrs. Dr. Cosby is also a certified personal trainer and nutritionist and uses his experience and education to help both clients and patients achieve their ultimate fitness and functional goals. As a Health and Wellness Specialist, Cosby has penned the book Fat Free For Life: 13 Principles for Guaranteed Weight Loss and Ultimate Health by Siloam and has provided seminars and instructed Boot Camps to both educate and assisted clients to lose weight and achieve their fitness goals. He is also the Health Brand Ambassador for SMASHON and the healthy sports drink HYDRO-ONE.

Dr. Cosby hosts his own podcast called FAT FREE: Ask The Fat Doc and in the past, teamed up with retired NFL star Jamie Dukes of with his Put Up Your Dukes Foundation to bring awareness to the diseases of excess weight with the weekly radio show Ask The Fat Docs where he served as a co-host for Atlanta’s own 1380 WAOK.

He also is an award-winning novelist whose Young Adult books Protostar and The Windgate have earned him book of the year awards for Reader’s Favorite and Literary Classics.

Dr. Cosby has also followed in his famous uncle’s footsteps, Comedic Legend Bill Cosby, in the realm of entertainment, starring in exercise videos, television shows, and feature length and short films, along with print and website modeling.

As Chairman of UHETV, Cosby endeavors to create unique and original content to both inspire and entertain the world.

Follow Cosby at:

Website: and

Twitter at: @BraxtonACosby

Get Fit Now!


(Part 2) Recovering from Lyme Disease w/Katina Makris!

April 29, 2016

sitting blue dress authorCreatives, in order to have a sound, creative mind, we need a healthy body (and vice-versa).  Katina Makris is a Lyme disease expert, author, and survivor. After 5 years of misdiagnosis and 5 more years of treatments, Katina triumphantly overcame advanced chronic Lyme disease. She is on a nationwide Lyme awareness campaign with her recovery memoir and guide, Out of the Woods: Healing Lyme Disease – Body, Mind & Spirit, an award finalist for 2011 Best Book in Health with USA Book News.  Katina has worked in natural health care for 30 years as a Classical Homeopath and Certified Intuitive Healer.

We talk about Lyme disease, healing and her new book, Autoimmune Illness and Lyme Disease Recovery Guide: Mending the Body, Mind and Spirit.  You can read more about Katina at:

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(Part 1) Recovering from Lyme Disease w/Katina Makris!

April 27, 2016

sitting blue dress authorCreatives, in order to have a sound, creative mind, we need a healthy body (and vice-versa). Katina Makris is a Lyme disease expert, author, and survivor. After 5 years of misdiagnosis and 5 more years of treatments, Katina triumphantly overcame advanced chronic Lyme disease. She is on a nationwide Lyme awareness campaign with her recovery memoir and guide, Out of the Woods: Healing Lyme Disease – Body, Mind & Spirit, an award finalist for 2011 Best Book in Health with USA Book News.  Katina has worked in natural health care for 30 years as a Classical Homeopath and Certified Intuitive Healer.

We talk about Lyme disease, healing and her new book, Autoimmune Illness and Lyme Disease Recovery Guide: Mending the Body, Mind and Spirit.  You can read more about Katina at:

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A Disguise To Die For w/Author Diane Vallere

April 22, 2016

Vallere_AuthorPhoto_CostumeShopSeriesSomeone is dressed to kill in the debut Costume Shop Mystery from the national bestselling author of the Material Witness mysteries.
No sooner does former magician’s assistant Margo Tamblyn return home to Proper City, Nevada, to run Disguise DeLimit, her family’s costume shop, than she gets her first big order. Wealthy nuisance Blitz Manners needs forty costumes for a detective-themed birthday bash. As for Blitz himself, his Sherlock Holmes is to die for—literally—when, in the middle of the festivities, Margo’s friend and party planner Ebony Welles is caught brandishing a carving knife over a very dead Blitz.

For Margo, clearing Ebony’s name is anything but elementary, especially after Ebony flees town. Now Margo is left to play real-life detective in a town full of masked motives, cloaked secrets, and veiled vendettas. But as she soon learns, even a killer disguise can’t hide a murderer in plain sight for long.

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Livin’ The WILD LIFE with a Cosmopolitan Bachelor!

April 20, 2016

q?_encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B0073ZP0B4&Format=With a blend of humor, sex, and spirituality, today we're talking to the one and only Michael Modzelewski! Michael was chosen as a Cosmo “Bachelor of the Month” and Year. His appearance as Mr. November not only brought Michael a wife, but his experiences of dating women around the world are the subject of his latest, MichaelModzelbest-selling book, Wild Life: The Miss-Adventures of a Cosmo Bachelor.


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Erase Negative Self-Talk w/Author Emily Filloramo!

April 15, 2016

emilyfillaoAre there areas in your life that you just can’t seem to get traction, get over, get happy, or get unstuck? That no amount of therapy, positive thinking, bodywork, books, or pharmaceutical “cures” can fix? How To Permanently Erase Negative Self-Talk: So You Can Be Extraordinary teaches you how to access the real cause of your struggles—the negative messages imprinted on the subconscious since childhood—and heal the wounded parts of you that are holding onto the pain, misunderstandings, and gut-wrenching memories that prevent you from feeling good. It demonstrates the little-known, cutting-edge technique to get rid of these messages, overcome fears and self-doubt, and get unstuck and unleashed. If you’re tired of burying the pain with addictions or fed up with depression, anxiety, and disease, then it’s time to stop attacking yourself emotionally and get access to the wealth, health, relationships, and happiness you truly deserve.

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Mom-Trepreneurs 101 w/ #1 Bestselling Author Caroline Green!

April 13, 2016

CarolineGreenCaroline Greene is a recovering lawyer, chronic overachiever, and the Amazon best-selling author of MATTER: How to Find Meaningful Work That’s Right for You and Your Family and NEXT: How to Start a Successful Business That’s Right for You and Your Family. As a life and business coach, Caroline helps highly motivated, determined moms start businesses and build lives that truly matter to them.

In her former life, Caroline was a prosecutor and white-collar criminal defense attorney. A graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy, Yale College, and the University of Virginia School of Law, she currently lives in Washington, D.C., with her two smart and strong daughters, her diabetic cat, an adorable mostly-deaf dog, and her saint of a husband.

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From Sex Appeal to Self Appeal w/ Susan Bremer!

April 8, 2016

Susan-Bremer-O'NeillSusan Bremer O’Neill, author, speaker and self-relationship coach, has been a pioneer and trail blazer her entire life.

She went from being a scientist to an exotic dancer at the age of thirty-four.  In 2000 she founded Self Appeal and in 2004 produced the woman-empowering DVD, Art of Sensual Dance Series, Striptease for Real Women.  For fifteen years she’s empowered women worldwide to stop people-pleasing and comparing themselves to others, eliminate perfectionism and stop obsessing about appearance, and transform their current relationship or find smart romance in a new one.

She’s been interviewed in San Francisco Bay Area and San Jose newspapers, television and radio, been featured on FOX news and published in Men’s Health Magazine.  She’s spoken at Universities, and the National Organization of Women. She recently published the story of her own journey to self-love and respect, From Sex Appeal to Self Appeal:  One Woman’s Journey to Recover Her Body, Her Sexuality Her Self. 

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Godless - Living a Valuable Life beyond Beliefs w/ Author Jeff Rasley!

April 6, 2016

jeffBeliefs divide us, Values unite us.
The contemporary history of religious and political ideologies is bloody. From the Nazi Holocaust to beheadings by Islamic Jihadist terrorists, fanatics have divided the world into believers and heretics. Their propaganda has persuaded followers to torture and slaughter unbelievers. The cure for the pathology of fanatical beliefs is to discard religious doctrines and political ideologies. Let shared values be the guides of personal and policy decisions. Godless illuminates a way forward into a more harmonious and peaceful future. It offers a remedy for dysfunctional urban communities and to revive political participation in an age of apathy. It advocates a pragmatic middle way to counter both fundamentalist extremism and secular cynicism through community connectivity and activism.

Godless -- Living a Valuable Life beyond Beliefs begins as a memoir reaching back into the author's Puritan family history and the Salem witch trials. Rasley's worldwide travels, spiritual quest, and intellectual journey took him far from his small-town roots in the Presbyterian Church and Republican Party.

Jeff Rasley's undergraduate studies at the University of Chicago combined concentrations in Philosophy, Religion, and Politics. He received a J.D. from Indiana University and M.Div from Christian Theological Seminary. He teaches a class on philanthropy and nonprofit organizations at Butler University.

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(Part 2) The Power Of Curiosity w/ Co-Author Kirsten Siggins!

April 1, 2016

PowerOfcuriosityToday we have part 2 with Kirsten Higgins! 

As leaders or parents (or both), navigating difficult conversations is part of our job description. How do we keep calm and achieve a productive outcome, all while keeping our relationships intact?

The secret is curiosity. It’s the innovation-driving, emotion-calming skill that comes naturally to us as kids, but gets buried so easily beneath our busy, multitasking lifestyles. The good news is that we just have to relearn what we already know!

In The Power of Curiosity, mother-daughter executive coaching team Kathy Taberner and Kirsten Taberner Siggins give you both the skills and the method you need to stay curious and connected in every conversation. In The Power of Curiosity,you’ll learn:

  • How to be fully present in every conversation, even when distractions abound
  • The five listening choices you always have available to you, whether at home, work, or school
  • Specific calming strategies to access when negative emotions run high
  • A step-by-step process to transform potential conflict into relationship-building opportunities

Imagine approaching even your most challenging conversation with a sense of calm and even excitement, confident you’ll achieve a win-win result and a stronger relationship than before. That’s the power of curiosity.

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(Part 1) The Power Of Curiosity w/ Co-Author Kirsten Siggins!

March 30, 2016

PowerOfcuriosityToday we have part 1 with Kirsten Higgins! 

As leaders or parents (or both), navigating difficult conversations is part of our job description. How do we keep calm and achieve a productive outcome, all while keeping our relationships intact?

The secret is curiosity. It’s the innovation-driving, emotion-calming skill that comes naturally to us as kids, but gets buried so easily beneath our busy, multitasking lifestyles. The good news is that we just have to relearn what we already know!

In The Power of Curiosity, mother-daughter executive coaching team Kathy Taberner and Kirsten Taberner Siggins give you both the skills and the method you need to stay curious and connected in every conversation. In The Power of Curiosity,you’ll learn:

  • How to be fully present in every conversation, even when distractions abound
  • The five listening choices you always have available to you, whether at home, work, or school
  • Specific calming strategies to access when negative emotions run high
  • A step-by-step process to transform potential conflict into relationship-building opportunities

Imagine approaching even your most challenging conversation with a sense of calm and even excitement, confident you’ll achieve a win-win result and a stronger relationship than before. That’s the power of curiosity.

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Overcoming Mental Illness w/ Author Jenny Maher

March 25, 2016

jenmaherThis is a true story that will tug at your heart. Jenny Maher never had an easy life. Growing up with a bipolar mom, her instability not only put her into foster homes, but left her walking on egg shells. She takes you through her suffering as she deals with her own mental illness; from depression, to self-harming, even experiencing jail time after getting shot. Though it was still her mother’s love and companionship she longed for, whatever the cost. Only when the pain became so overwhelming she decided to end her life. Waking up paralyzed you’ll be intrigued at what she was forced to deal with. Read not only her fierce determination to overcome constant physical challenges, but the longing to ease her inner heartache of feeling all alone in the world. Walk with her, as she finds her strength through God, that through her faith with Him she realized she will never be alone.

Watch The Never Give Up book trailer  

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Being A Blind Entrepreneur w/Maxwell Ivey!

March 23, 2016

maxwelliveyBorn into a family of carnival owners in Texas, USA, Maxwell Ivey lost his sight at age 12. Having a natural gusto for life, Max graduated college and became heavily involved in the Eagle Scouts. He also worked in the family business alongside brothers until his father succumbed to lung cancer. Faced with his own mortality, Max made some life-altering changes. He underwent gastric surgery and lost over 250 pounds. He started his own business, buying and selling amusement rides, and learned how to blog using software for visually-impaired people. Overcoming many obstacles, Max made a name for himself online and now shares his experiences on The Blind Blogger.

Max’s favourite things entail teaching and helping others achieve their goals and so he began another business: personal coaching.

With the companionship of his crazy Dalmation-mix, Penny, Max now spends his days singing, reading, blogging, writing, creating videos, and coaching. He’d like to travel the world one day and meet in person his many online friends and clients . . . and a special lady to share his life with, but Penny might have something to say about that!

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Exuberant Women Don’t Age - No Time to Waste w/Elizabeth Upton

March 18, 2016

ElizabethUptonheadshotAfter entering the convent at the age of 15 and devoting more than 20 years to service, Elizabeth Upton chose to begin her life over again, with a renewed sense of spirituality and gratitude. She is now opening up about her experience and offering tips for leading a fulfilling and purposeful life.

Her book, Exuberant Women Don’t Age - No Time to Waste, shares advice on harnessing the intense power of the individual to achieve inner peace and boundless happiness.

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The Naked Truth w/ Nigerian Sensation Alex Okoroji!

March 16, 2016


GET EMPOWERED! Today with chat with Alex Okoroji. She is a Nigerian Actress, Writer, TV Personality, Talk Radio Host, Speaker, Author & Self-help Mentor with over 10 years of professional experience as a Media Personality & Creative Entrepreneur. She is also the Founder of THE NAKED MOVEMENT, an Advocate for EXPRESSION and a Multi-Platform Ambassador for Self Empowerment & Transformation - who spends her days building her purpose, promoting expression and empowering people globally, to live their AUTHENTIC best.

Listen To Alex's Show, The Naked Talk, Now!

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Embracing Our Envy w/ Author Josh Gressel!

March 11, 2016

head shot

Josh Gressel, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist and certified Imago couples therapist in private practice in the San Francisco Bay area.  He is a student of Jewish mysticism and seeks to integrate spiritual and psychological truths in his work with clients.  His clinical work focuses on 1) working with religious adults on their psychological issues so they are freed up to worship God more freely; 2) working with couple’s from a spiritual perspective, and 3) working with men on turning their work into their vocations.

Description of book:  Envy is a universal emotion no one seems to have.  That is, while every language has a word for it, while it is reported through all of recorded history, for some reason no one is willing to talk about their own envy or even acknowledge it to themselves.  Josh Gressel wrote a book, Embracing Envy: Finding the Spiritual Treasure in Our Most Shameful Emotion, to explore why this is so and what we might learn about ourselves from exploring our envy more openly.  The basic premise of the book is that the emotion would not exist unless there is some positive reason for it.  The book explains what some of those reasons might be.

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book cover