Cannabis and Creativity on The Frederic Byé Show - Friday Edition

February 24, 2017

Today we're getting high! Joking...I never smoked, not even a cigarette or cannabis. Yep, I wear a white hat...ok not so much, I did take two puffs of weed as a teen. I am a bad boy. Alright, enough about me.

We address a controversial subject: does weed enhance creativity, or not??? I share an article from and I am sure you will love it. 

Sit back, relax, and enjoy this one, sports fans. 

Dave Steele on What’s Your Excuse w/ Max Ivey!

February 23, 2017

His lyrics can make you cry, take you by surprise, and at the same time, make you dry your eyes with the same rhyme...

I'll let him introduce himself. 

Hi my name is Dave Steele I am severely sight impaired (legally blind) due to RP. I have lost the majority of my vision in the last year and my way of fighting back is to write poems and music to raise awareness to the fears and misconceptions of losing vision. I find music and poems an easy way to get through to people. Please search for my page StandByMeRP and here's one I wrote recently

Being blind can be so scary,
living days with eyes wide shut.
So we must change minds,
seek out to find,
the one ones who've given up.
There are those of us who live in fear as to what the future holds,
who spend their days lock themselves away
and it's time their stories told.
Depression can be a symptom
as we grieve for vision gone,
need love of friends and family
but some of us have none.
It's those we must stand up for
to the world we'll shout out loud,
let's fight for each others confidence
we are blind and we are proud.
So if your eyes are fading don't let your spirit slip,
just remember you're amazing
let my words repair the rip.

By Dave Steele

Donna Urbikas on The Frederic Byé Show!

February 22, 2017

Born in Coventry, England, Danuta or “Donna” Urbikas immigrated to the USA with her parents and sister, the subjects of the book, in 1952, settling in Chicago, Illinois, and growing up in the Polish community. After attending Catholic grade schools and a public high school in Chicago, she graduated from the University of Illinois—Chicago Circle with a degree in biology and began teaching high school biology.
In 1976, she took her first trip to Poland to meet relatives and explore her parents’ home towns. On the cusp of the Solidarity Movement, her movements were restricted by the Communists and the trip became a significant life experience. Later, she graduated from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois, with a Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering. The author has published her thesis, technical articles, worked as a teaching and research assistant and served as president of the Society of Women Engineers in Chicago, participating in numerous public speaking engagements. She went on to work as an environmental engineer and project manager in charge of water and wastewater compliance at coal and nuclear power plants and as an industry spokesperson.
The author is a cancer survivor, currently working as an Illinois Licensed Real Estate Broker, community volunteer, and writer, living in Chicago with her husband.

Did You Buy That?

February 21, 2017

Here’s a look at separating our ideas, desires and intentions from those placed upon us.

Have you taken time to discover how frequent messages, close relationships and familiar atmospheres may have clouded you?

You may be assuming that you authored your own ideas when, in fact, someone else gave them to you!

This podcast provides you with self-awareness and self-empowerment to help you separate your own ideas from those conveyed to you by others!

Then, listen to Lila Zizoula from the American Farm School in Thessaloniki, Greece, as she shares what makes her happy from the inside out, too.


The Frederic Byé Show - Friday Edition

February 17, 2017

Ever wanted to publish a book? A novel? Non-fiction? Most people will tell you all the horror stories about your career as a writer. They will tell you about the starving artist theory, how most writers never make a dime, blablablablablabla....

But what about those who DID succeed? I stumbled upon an article this week from the Huffington Post which tells the stories of writers who became successful after self-publishing their piece of art. 

Let go of the negative and get inspired, NOW! 

Laurie Lawson on What’s Your Excuse w/Max Ivey!

February 16, 2017

Today, our favorite Blind Blogger chats with a good friend of his: Laurie Lawson! Can I get a whoop whoop!?

Laurie Lawson’s philosophy: Coaching is life-changing business but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun while you’re doing it.

She is a Certified Empowerment Coach (, a Professional Credentialed Coach, a Certified EQ Mentor, a Mentor Coach for iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching), Past President of the Board of the International Coach Federation in New York City (, Executive Producer of The Coaching Game TV Show, Creator/Host of Coach Chat Radio and Meaning In Madness, a previous member of the ICF Global Membership & Community Committee and the ICF Global Ethics and Standards Committee. She facilitated a workshop at the 15th International ICF Conference in Texas, the 2013 Metro DC Annual Conference, participated in Fitness Magazine's "You Can Do It Challenge" as a Life Coach on their Panel of Experts, and appeared on ABC’s Business Week Weekend television show.

She is also a Writer/Reviewer for Electronic Link Journey, a published author, a US distributor for Points of You, The Coaching Game, and in her spare time, she dabbles in numerology

Jill Lublin on The Frederic Byé Show

February 15, 2017

The Cream of the Crop! Jill Lublin is on The Frederic Bye Show to talk her recently released book: Profit from Kindness! When kindness becomes your primary goal, everything changes: how you look at life, what you get from it, and how others interact with and relate to you.

The Profit of Kindness will help you master the art of building trusting, long-lasting relationships through open, nonadversarial interchanges that result in mutually beneficial outcomes. A basic adjustment in attitude and approach can substantially improve virtually every facet of your life. Each chapter provides specific examples for improving skills such as communication, building integrity, team work, influencing others, and more.

In order to connect with new clients or future business partners and transform your potential into success, you need to establish trust and build strong relationships. The key is to focus more on giving and working with others rather than simply on “winning.” Because doing so is guaranteed to help you actually win.

The Profit of Kindness is a practical guide that teaches you how to connect with others using the global asset known as kindness.

You will learn:

*Kindness does not mean weakness.
*Kindness can help you stay competitive, anticipate pitfalls, and stay one step ahead of your rivals.
*Success, achieved through kindness, can indeed be yours.

Maura Sweeney - Living Happy Inside Out

February 14, 2017

With one of the most central questions you can ever ask yourself, this podcast explores the social and emotional constructs that keep us from living our true self.
Discover what they are and what hurdles you might have to overcome in order to live out your fullest, happiest and most authentic self. Allow this podcast to inspire you to greater levels of influence and leadership in your life.
Then, listen to author and leadership expert Dr. William Anton talk about what makes him happy from the inside out, too.

The Frederic Byé Show - Friday Edition

February 10, 2017

Cowabunga! Baby! Are you lucky? On the Friday edition of The Frederic Byé Show, I share an article from on the ''magical'' powers of LUCK! How do successful people get lucky? What does it mean to ''step out there''? Should we wait for luck to come to us, or should we take the first steps first? 

Life is about to get very interesting...

What’s Your Excuse w/ Max Ivey

February 9, 2017

Freak out! Freak out! Iolande V. Argent talks about her latest work! 

Iolande V. Argent, aka Dr. Ande, launched her first solo podcast, WIBWOB (Women in Business - Women on Business) on Blog Talk Radio in 2006, went on to co-host for other podcasts and then launched Tips and Tactics podcast that featured job search resources and Biz Talk Radio providing expert interviews to help listeners start their own business or side gig after the market crash in 2008. She's since moved off of Blog Talk and into terrestrial radio with her weekly show on KUBU 96.5FM in Sacramento, CA in 2014. A successful author and publisher she owns Oubliette Publishing and has penned over 20 books and collaborated on 4 more as well as completed an audio book of poetry released in January
2017. She's also started a non profit called, IVA's Company (Iolande V. Argent Services Co) which helps minority and under served writers and poets get published and learn about the literary industry.


The Frederic Byé Show - Jeff Rasley

February 8, 2017

Jeff Rasley is back on The Frederic Byé Show! Livin'on the! 

MONSTERS OF THE MIDWAY 1969; Sex, Drugs, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Viet Nam, Civil Rights, and Football (2d Edition)  is historical fiction, a comedy, and a romance set at the University of Chicago (so it must be fiction). The narrative is about the struggle of the star of UChicago’s football team to cope with the cultural revolution on campus, a 2-year losing streak, and a girlfriend who hates football.

Jack's football coach, philosophy professor, and radical-feminist-girlfriend, Alice, each ask for a commitment he is hesitant to make. A farm boy from Indiana and precocious scholar-athlete, Jack tries to resolve the universal conflict between independence/personal freedom and commitment/community. (What is Love?)  The cast of characters includes a stoner buddy, air-head BFF, gay football player, mill-worker-Renaissance-scholar, suicidal Moose, Mothers of Invention, Communists, racists, and Muhammad Ali. History and historical photos are sprinkled throughout the book.

The original edition of the book was an eBook, which has been rewritten and expanded. The new edition is now available in paperback, eBook, and audio at and all other book-sales outlets.

Maura Sweeney - Living Happy Inside Out

February 7, 2017

Are you creating a party or still living in polarity? What are the differences between these two atmospheres and how do they affect you and others around you?

We can live in environments that are supportive, inclusive and uplifting or we can default back to the land of conflicts, opposites and opposing forces.

One environment brings us peace and joy while the other keeps us in a continual state of fear, unease and instability. Learn more and discover how you can create your own happiness – from the inside out.

Then, listen to Anthony Witt from The Champion Entrepreneur talk about what makes him happy from the inside out, too.

The Frederic Byé Show - Friday Edition

February 3, 2017

School. It is becoming one of the most controversial subjects today. Kids are rebelling. They are bored. The traditional system tells us to get good grades so you can get a good, high-paying job. However, is this really what kids want today? Are they willing to give up their creative urges for a paycheck?  

I share an article from the Huffington Post written by a 14-year-old student who talks about this fascinating subject. 


Cate Montana on The Frederic Byé Show!

February 1, 2017

q?_encoding=UTF8&ASIN=150112353X&Format=A book of liberation and ecstasy, The E-Word lucidly explains how the ego is created, how it thinks, and how its limited mind-set can be expanded—not inflated—into a joyous transpersonal perspective that eradicates feelings of isolation, fear, and insecurity in your life.

Through stories, practices, and a masterful detangling of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the Matrix, and quantum physics, The E-Word strips the ego bare and liberates the soul in highly entertaining, relatable ways, revealing how even self-improvement techniques can chase away the very fulfillment and wisdom we seek. Montana further reveals how the ego co-opts spirituality, dangling enlightenment in front of us as a prize.

Stuffed with electrifying insights and transformative meditations and exercises, The E-Word is the ultimate how-to guide for discovering the “real you” within.


Maura Sweeney - Living Happy Inside Out

January 31, 2017

What are you teaching?

You don’t need to hold the title of school teacher to realize that you are teaching others all the time!

If you recall the old adage, “Actions speak louder than words,” then you will enjoy what follows.

This podcast takes a look at the disconnections that often show up between the words we speak and the hidden motives and behaviors we actually display. While we may not recognize our own disconnections, others do and often take note.

Regardless of our occupation or stature in life, we are always conveying lessons. Conversely, we are picking up lessons from others as well.

Listen in and find out whether what you’re teaching others is truly something you want to convey. As you do, realize just how powerful and positive an influence your life can be on those around you. May you grow in self-awareness and personal empowerment as you consider the topic.

Then, listen to Leann Penna share with us from the American Farm School in Thessaloniki, Greece about what makes her happy from the inside out.

The Frederic Byé Show - Friday Edition

January 27, 2017

This is the Friday edition of The Frederic Byé Show! If you haven't heard of Julia Cameron you've been living under a rock. Seriously. To me, she is the master, the go-to person when it comes to my creative life, and if she isn't already, she will be yours too. Today, I share an article from They interviewed Julia Cameron back in 1998. Are you stuck? I think this article will inspire you and make you feel better about your creative life. Julia explores how the creative path is actually the spiritual path. Julia Cameron knows exactly how you feel and think as artists, or wanna be artists. You're not alone. Trust me.

What’s Your Excuse with Max Ivey

January 26, 2017

Inner Success Radio.... a resource ran by Charles & Demetrius, to help people discover the potential that lies within each and every one of us. 

Who is Charles? Meet Him! 

I'm the CEO and Founder of Inner Success Radio. I'm a family man in my early thirties who learned about personal growth and development more so out of necessity than a willingness. Like so many others who've faced trials, tribulations, and failure, I had to find a way to position myself to do that very same thing. 

I thought college was the route I was to take but after going to four different colleges within a 10 year span, I came to realize this wasn't (is not) the case (currently). 

I was searching for a way to give back from all the information and experiences I went through over the years. After losing a couple of grand on different business ventures and failures, losing someone close to me in 2003 and having to bounce back from a childhood of not so favorable circumstances, I'd figure what better way to pour back into the world through podcasting!

I have many motivations and reasons for continuing this project but the main reason is because I owe it to myself. I've started many projects most failures and some successful but I never saw any of those to fruition. I remember starting a leadership blog several years ago and it becoming successful in terms of monthly visitors. After several months of seeing the growth, I started to engage in self-sabotaging behavior and abandoned the project.

The goal we have here at Inner Success Radio, among the many, is to help you see past those self-limiting beliefs and unleash the potential you have within. 

It's my hope and desire that the information shared on this website truly transform your life!

Maura Sweeney - Living Happy Inside Out

January 24, 2017

You may be unfamiliar with the term, but you’ve definitely met a few!

The vaunter is the braggart. He’s the one whose presence fills the air with an inflated ego that often turns the majority of us completely off.

Sad to say, the role of the vaunter is so commonplace in society that most of us never take time to observe its effects or consider its bane outcomes. Yet if we’re truly looking for a happier, higher and more wholesome existence, we need to give vaunting a closer look.

If you’ve ever met a vaunter and/or suspect you might be one yourself, you’ll find today’s podcast to be of interest. More than exploring the mindset and role of the vaunter, this podcast examines what can happen to any of us when our pride puffs up in unattractive, and often exclusionary, ways.

The following podcast provides some food for thought on the topic and delivers an opportunity for you to practice some present day emotional intelligence.

One day soon, your own profile may suddenly rise to new heights. When it does, you’ll want to keep your own dragon in check and continue to embrace and value all those “regular folks” around you.

Battling Your Loneliness

January 20, 2017

Hey, Pencil Neck Geeks! Are you lonely? Better yet, are you an artist or freelancer who works from home on a regular basis? I know how you feel; you're free, you can do house chores when you feel like it, unlike your friends you don't need to take your car and go to an office and work from a cubicle every day. But you have a dirty secret: loneliness.  How do you deal with isolation? How do you deal with the lack of social interaction? I share an article from that tackles this sometimes taboo subject. 

From The Vault - #1 Bestselling Novelist Jennifer Skutelski!

January 18, 2017


Freak out! Freak out! We're going back in time as we chat with a wonderful lady who personifies class and talent. 

#1 bestselling author Jennifer Skutelsky talks about her novel, Grave of Hummingbirds, a mixture of gothicism and mysticism... Jennifer is an international literary contest judge, an award-winning author and former literary agent. She is committed to helping writers around the world align project development with contemporary publishing demands.jennifer_skutelsky 

What Are You Listening To?

January 17, 2017

Are you paying attention to what you’re hearing? This podcast examines the way we inadvertently act as self-censors. We screen in certain types of news, ideas, sounds and insights – and we also screen out others! If you have never considered how what you listen to impacts your well-being, this is a podcast for you. I share a bit of my own background and the process of learning how to listen in ways that would empower, rather than depress, my sensibilities and thoughts. I also talk about an easy-to-do listening exercise that I shared with participants during a recent smoking cessation retreat. If you’re looking to become more aware of what you’re hearing, this exercise will help you become more conscious. You’ll be better equipped to take inventory of your own thoughts and make positive, intentional choices that bring a sense of authority back to where it belongs – with you! Then, listen in as Sam Dykstra shares what makes him happy from the inside out, too.   #Smoking #Happiness #Listening #Empowerment

Is a Creative Writing Degree Necessary?

January 13, 2017

College degree or not? Most people struggle with that question their entire lifetime. In fact, for many who don't have a College degree (like me), they walk around with an inferiority complex believing that if they had the paper, they would achieve their full potential and get a better pay. And writers are no exceptions. 

I share with you a cool little article from written by Jane Friedman that addresses this question. 

Bob Abramson - WOW Your Clients Now!

January 12, 2017

In WOW YOUR CLIENTS, million-dollar business producer Bob Abramson shares actionable tips for both acquiring new clients and building long-lasting relationships with them. By the time you get done with this entertaining read, you will be equipped with the knowledge and playbook to land any client, and keep them for years to come. This book is the ultimate resource that can be used by anyone, in any profession where clients are the backbone of your business. As an additional bonus, you will receive Bob's Light A Fire In Your Business Companion Course.

“Bob’s book Wow Your Clients is an excellent read on maximizing client relationships. Bob shares some fascinating stories about rising through adversity to succeed in college and business which I truly can relate to. This is a great read for sales and service professionals wanting to be inspired while learning new principles to wow your clients.” — - Cedric McSween Sr., McSween Coaching

“Both entertaining and informative the whole way through. The way Bob weaves his expertise in business development together with his personal story left me wanting more... Thank you for inspiring me in such a delightful way!” — Esmée St James The Dating Muse

Max Ivey - The Blind Blogger Leading You Out of the Darkness

January 11, 2017

When you're hot you're hot, when you're not, you're not...we are stylin' and profilin' today with the one and only The Blind Blogger - yes the REAL one folks, he is known around the world as The Blind Blogger... He talks about his latest book: Leading You Out of the Darkness Into the Light, A Blind Man's Guide To Success. It will be released in 14 days as an audio book! It is the perfect topic for this time of the year if you're setting your goals for 2017! PLUS, he just came back from a trip in NYC and will tell you all about it! What he liked, disliked, and learned from our fellow New-Yorkers... Enjoy!

What is Your Title?

January 10, 2017

I'm not referring to your official job title, but to an identity that best describes the essence and fullness of who you truly are. Most of us are accustomed to carrying limited ways of identifying ourselves, staying carefully and rigidly within the lines of social and professional constructs. Yet each of us carries attributes that make us uniquely rich in character, talents and more. As we begin to think of ourselves in outside-the-box ways, we set ourselves free to shine in full bloom and inspire others to bring out their own true colors, too. If you are seeking a richer and more authentic life, this is a great listen for you to further manifest some of your inner dreams and aspirations. Then, listen in to Heather Ann Havenwood from Austin, Texas share the development of her unique title role as Chief Sexy Boss.  

Eckhart Tolle: Carrying the Past and Finding the Present Moment

January 6, 2017

Funky like a monkey, hey, today I share a story of two monks that will slap you in the face. No seriously, let go of the bull**** from the past and move on to the future, or even better, to the PRESENT.

Michael Babcock - Your Online Business Success

January 5, 2017

Your. Own. Pay. Does that ring a bell? Is it a goal of yours to create your own pay instead of relying on someone else for your income? Blind since birth, Assistive technology instructor in Alaska until the sudden expected passing of his mom, Michael Babcock enjoys the transformation his ideas and knowledge can give people. Fast-talking and filled with information he is ready to wow you with the knowledge he's acquired.

Lovelyn Bettison - Isle of Gods - A Novel

January 4, 2017

Damek dedicated his life to finding the Isle of Gods. That is until his family life began to fall Isle of Gods I: Damek by [Bettison, H. Lovelyn]apart. In an attempt to win back his wife and daughter, he trades in sailing the high seas for a more normal life.

When he starts having visions of a mysterious woman trapped on the Isle of Gods he begins to question his sanity. Her cries for help appear in his dreams and start to haunt his every thought. She compels him to return to the sea so strongly that is it impossible to ignore.

Who is this woman? Is she leading him into a trap? With her help will he be one of the first mortals to make it to the Isle of Gods?


H. Lovelyn Bettison grew up in Pleasantville, New Jersey, an area heavily dependent on the gambling industry of Atlantic City. Ever since she could hold a pencil she felt compelled to write stories. Her earliest stories were about talking trees and featured crayon drawings. The trees in her stories no longer talk, but her fiction still has magical elements that keep her childhood interest in possibilities alive.
H. Lovelyn Bettison

These days Lovelyn lives in St. Petersburg, Florida with her husband, stepson, and dog. She spends her days writing and coming up with brilliant ideas that she promptly forgets an hour later. Sometimes she tries to learn to speak French, but her pronunciation leaves much to be desired. She loves yoga, Thai food, white tea, getting letters in the mail, and sharing her stories with people like you.


Defending Your Dogma?

January 3, 2017

Are you defending a dogma, a point of view or “-ism” that has become insufficient, obsolete or even discredited? If you have been struggling with an outmoded belief system established by an external authority that is no longer speaking truth to you, it may be time to step into the light.   This is a self-help episode to help you find harmony, integration and greater peace from within. Listen and let go of what you no longer can uphold as reality while increasing your happiness and emotional intelligence. Allow what truly resonates within you to help reshape your world view.   Then, listen in to Savannah Kutz from St. Petersburg, Florida as she shares what makes her happy from the inside out, too.   #EmotionalIntelligence #Happiness #WellBeing #Maura4u #SelfHelp #Peace

Max in NYC! (Take 2)

December 29, 2016

Livin' on the! Max is in NYC and we cover his entire trip as this is his first time in the city! He talks about the negative "voices" from friends, family, and colleagues as he announced that he'd be going to NYC by himself (and how it pissed him off), he talks about what he learned about himself so far during the trip, his first TV interview that will be broadcasted in NYC, and more! As many of you know, Max has a lot of stories and he loves to share them, and this episode is no exception! 

Peace on Earth

December 27, 2016


In this special holiday podcast, I ask the central question: Are You Peace on Earth? We live in an externalized society where everyone seeks peace but fails to find it. We fight, we strive and we even go to war, chasing that ever-elusive desire for "Peace on Earth." However, true peace begins in our hearts. Listen in to my podcast that breaks down the meaning of peace and invites you to experience it for yourself. Be sure to stay tuned till the end of this podcast. You'll want to meet a host of listeners and friends who share their holiday wishes with you!   #PeaceOnEarth #Holidays #Happiness #NewYear


Deepak Chopra’s Holiday Experiment

December 23, 2016

It's the holidays! Feeling stressed? Are you running up bills? Maybe you are overeating...? Today I share a fascinating article from Deepak Chopra about finding your happiness for the holidays! 
Smell what I'm cookin'...?

I love to read your comments, especially on what I can improve and the subjects you would like to hear about. :)  
Feel free to submit your comments at

Next week, The Frederic Bye Show will take a break :)  

Oh, and by the way, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Max on his way to NYC! + Your Goal Setting for Next Year!

December 22, 2016
Max won the Amtrak Contest back in February and now he is on way to NYC! He will tell you all about his trip, what he is learning about himself, what he had to go through to get to this, and more!!! What a great way to begin the holidays!
 PLUS, Fred gives you some tips to set your goals for next year...and keep them, according to

Your Nature Unveiled with Solange Tardif

December 21, 2016

  solange-business-1  Have you ever experienced the Monkey Mind? You know, like Curious Georges minus the lovability...? We're chatting with someone I know personally and I like her for her simplicity and down-to-earthism...and you'll love her too. Her name is Solange Tardif and she's building her brand to help people improve their well-being and vitality.

  Being a member of the National Association of Naturopaths since October 2015, Solange offers a variety of holistic services that are tailored to your specific needs. Equipped with over 20 years of experience in the Health and Training sectors, Solange will know how to guide you towards the best choices for your well-being. Very proactive with her education, she has attended many courses on Clinical Cares as well as Emergency Cares, Nutrition, Psychology, Emotional Release Technics, Life Coaching, Creative Self-Expression, Acupressure, Corrective Conditioning Fitness and Group Trainings. During her career as a Medical Assistant, Solange has also frequently coordinated or taught on different advanced medical courses. She thus ensured that she always maintained a high level of knowledge and expertise in her field. As an Empowerment Coach and certified Personal Trainer, Solange will be there to motivate you and help you to achieve your life’s goals. Whether it may be for: Weight Loss / Fitness, a Life’s solange_logoReorientation or improvements in your Interpersonal Relationships, she will dedicate all of her efforts to help you get rid of your doubts, so that you can move in the right direction. Her approach will focus on changing your bad habits and replacing them with more effective management strategies. All of this, so that you can finally reconnect with your true desires, regain confidence in your abilities and live your life to its greatest potential.


Are You a Stereotype?

December 20, 2016

Freak out! Freak out! It’s easy to get caught up in stereotypes, those widely held but preconceived notions we use to categorize people or ideas into fixed boxes. Stereotypes provide us with easy ways to identify each other and communicate in general terms, but they also contain a downside. When improperly applied, they cause us to limit our understanding of others and run the risk of having others limit their understanding of us. We often find ourselves assimilating into one group, culture, ideology, religion or philosophy. We enjoy being part of a clan or associated with like-minded or familiar groups. However, without opening ourselves to inquiry and generous reflection, we can sometimes wrongly assume that one member of a group is exactly like another. In this podcast, I share two ways in which I experienced the use of stereotypes in my own life. May they help you explore your own thoughts, attitudes and belief systems. Doing so may cause you to open the doors of light of your own identity plus revisit notions you’ve held concerning other people’s identities. Then, listen in to Bryan Rivera from the Bronx, NY share what makes him happy from the inside out, too.   #Stereotyping #Labeling #PoliticalCorrectness #Happiness #EmotionalIntelligence #Culture

Comedy, Podcasting , and Law of Attraction w/ Hurrm’s House Radio

December 16, 2016
Hurrrm's House Radio's showStylin' like a champ, today your favorite French-Canucker talks to a dude who hosts a podcast with 100% pure humor. Sherman talks about the law of attraction, what he learned from his father in order to achieve his goals, and what lead him to Hurrm's House Radio Show. 
Smell what I'm cookin'...?
Bringing you 100% pure humor every Sunday morning at 10:00 AM. Episodes include interviews with all types of entrepreneurs and affiliate advertisements that help stock their beer fridge.

David Ralph - Living from Podcasting

December 15, 2016

PROMO SHOTDave Ralph's a special kinda dude. He is one of the rare people who is actually making a living from podcasting. His way to get there, though, includes delivering Chinese food. What price are you willing to pay to achieve your dream? 

Expert startup stories, entrepreneur hustle muscle and online success content like this will show you the path to your careers as a brilliant business entrepreneur. So best stop listening to any other inspiring interview podcasts, as if you want a lifestyle of freedom then the hugely popular, Steve Jobs Inspired top rated business show "Join Up Dots" is the real deal in career moves & online success stories (with a splash of inspiration too). A motivation packed entrepreneur/business podcast based on the words of Steve Jobs and created for anyone with dreams to change their career, be an entrepreneur daily, content creator, explorer, money lover, lifestyle chaser, or just a success. In fact anyone with the mindfulness for financial freedom and success, but unsure of the path to take will love this show, as David Ralph delivers entrepreneurial business advice direct to your eardrums on every episode. Each interview allows the guest to enter into a free flowing conversation filled with humour, motivation, inspiration and powerful success stories as they look back over their life, and in the words of the master entrepreneur Steve Jobs...join the dots that has led them to their own area of business or lifestyle success.

Linda Hollander - Get SPONSORED Now

December 14, 2016

Résultats de recherche d'images pour « linda hollander »BAM! Your Favorite French-Canucker speaks with Linda Hollander about a subject I KNOW fascinates you: Sponsorship. I needed that advice also, so that may be the reason why I invited her to the show, and fortunately, she provides surprisingly important information. BOOYA! 

Smell what I'm cookin'...?

Linda Hollander has been featured by Inc. and Entrepreneur Magazines as the industry leader in corporate sponsorship.

She has over 20 years of experience as a business owner and does sponsorship and business consulting. Her clients and sponsors include Microsoft, Fed Ex, Citibank, Mattel, Bank of America, Marriott, Health Net, American Airlines, IBM and Wal Mart.

Having written the book, Corporate Sponsorship in 3 Easy Steps, she is a popular international speaker and can help you get corporate sponsors to fund your dreams.

Maura Sweeney - Living Out of Your Belief?

December 13, 2016

Maura_Happy Inside OutAre your inner beliefs in accord with your outward behaviors? If not, this podcast is for you! First, we’ll take up the various definitions of the word belief and explore how our inner self recognizes and resonates with our true belief systems. I’ll discuss some of the ways we ignore, suppress or resist expressing those beliefs as well as the feelings of stress this fracturing process engenders. As always, you’ll hear some of my personal anecdotes navigating along the path to personal harmony. Be inspired and empowered to express your truest and happiest self as you listen along.  Then, listen to Jodi Flynn from Portland, Maine share what makes her happy from the inside out, too.  #SelfHelp #Happiness #EmotionalIntelligence #Belief #Spirituality

Patricia Aburdene - Your Conscious MONEY

December 9, 2016

q?_encoding=UTF8&ASIN=1582702926&Format=Patricia Aburdene, author of the bestselling Megatrends 2010, brings together the spiritual and practical in a guide to achieving prosperity through the values-based megatrend of Conscious Capitalism.

Why not make money and make a difference, too?

A revolutionary blueprint for growing wealth, finding fulfillment, and changing the world by living your values.

In the emerging era of Conscious Money, we achieve prosperity by tapping into the power of values, consciousness, and sound economic principles. By applying the wisdom of Conscious Money to your personal finances, you can build a foundation for sustainable wealth and true fulfillment. No longer will you need to choose between your core values and your paycheck. Instead you will expand on-the-job creativity, grow income through conscious practices, and change the world.


The Vault - Michael Schwartz is Visually Impaired and a Visual Storyteller!

December 8, 2016


Freak out! Freak out! Michael Schwartz rocked on What's Your Excuse with Max Ivey! From being a news anchor, to being blind, and now traveling the world as the founder of Trailhead Productions, Michael is a success story.

Michael Schwartz is an award winning reporter with more than twenty years experience in television news and production. He’s the founder of Trailhead Productions, a video production house that focuses on serving nonprofits, NGO’s and specialists in health and wellness.

What many people do not know is that Michael is also visually impaired. The gradual and continuing loss of his eyesight did not stop him from pursuing his career as a visual storyteller, and his latest documentary film, called The Palette Project, is about Michael’s travels around the world as a visually impaired filmmaker, highlighting the accomplishments an achievements of visually impaired men, women and children around the world - people who are changing perceptions, raising expectations and making a difference.

Linda Ferguson - Staying Grounded in Shifting Sand

December 7, 2016


q?_encoding=UTF8&ASIN=1452541213&Format=If you're an artist or an entrepreneur and you are living off your art/business, you know what uncertainty is, and many times I am sure you hit the wall: will you quit? Or dust yourself off and go at it again? You know...shifting sands melting underneath your feet...Linda Ferguson had that experience.

How often  have we asked ourselves, “Why can’t I be a better person, more loving, more forgiving, practicing my spirituality on a daily basis?.” And yet we can’t seem to be able to sustain these feelings for very long.  Many have had the wake-up call but struggle to bring spiritual beliefs and practices into their daily live.  Not able to spend a few years away from it all to sort things out in silence, most of us deal with the daily challenges of work, family, emotional pain, and our own imperfections, struggling to make a spiritual life around “real” life.  Dr. Linda Ferguson understands the difficulties in trying to steer through the daily stresses and challenges and, in her new book Staying Grounded in Shifting Sand; she presents a guidebook to help you transform your life permanently.

Staying Grounded provides practical advice on living a spiritual life in the modern world with insightful stories and teachings that support making that transformation possible. Starting with the Foundation, the author defines a spiritual journey and how it can expand the soul.  She discusses the daily practice of mindfulness and its importance in opening us up to our soul journey. When understood and practiced fully, spiritual love opens our hearts to a continuous stream of harmony and peace, helping us to overcome our fears.  And, perhaps most importantly, understanding and accepting our darker side, or “embracing the shadow,” allows us to accept ourselves and to overcome the pain and grief that we have experienced in our lives. Through these practices we can affirm our Divine Essence.

The second section of the book is the Application— or as the author calls it—Joy to the World!  This section offers ways to address, on a daily basis, the challenges of relationships, work, money, power, and sexuality, without losing your spiritual center. The ability to take all that you have learned and apply it to real life situations is both invaluable and transformational.  The final chapter introduces us to a method developed by the author—Transformational Empowerment™, a six step process that is built on three fundamental practices—Faith, Commitment, and Gratitude.  These steps allows the seeker to more effectively move past self-limiting beliefs and fears in order to live with Personal Mastery on a daily basis. Each chapter is followed by exercises that can be done immediately, allowing the reader insight into why they respond to situations in negative ways and how they can change their learned reactions.

Staying Grounded in Shifting Sand presents a variety of spiritual perspectives on the pursuit of the individual soul journey. Drawing on the traditions of Christianity, Buddhism, Sufism, Hinduism and other spiritual beliefs the book dwells on the common thread that runs through all, the power of the heart, and how to prepare it for a greater and deeper connection to our world.  Love is within us to be given freely and without judgment and flows around us to connect with the Divine Essence. Staying Grounded in Shifting Sand is transforming, teaching how to stay on the spiritual path while navigating the physical world and the shifting sand of daily living.

Linda J. Ferguson, PhD, is the author of Path for Greatness: Work as Spiritual Service, and Staying Grounded in Shifting Sand, and numerous articles. She writes a weekly blog on spirituality and work reaching more than 5,000 readers. Dr. Ferguson has traveled nationally and internationally to conduct workshops and presentations.

She earned her MA in Social Psychology and Ph.D. in Management from Indiana University.

Maura Sweeney - World Happiness Survey

December 6, 2016

Maura_Happy Inside OutDo you know what you really want in life? If not, this podcast will help you become more emotionally aware of what you truly desire and facilitate your focus and behaviors toward those ends. Using results from my own Happiness Survey of individuals from 28 states and 23 countries, I share five key areas that define what most of us truly want in life. Find out what these unifying elements are that define our common pursuit of happiness. Use the list as personal inspiration or create a list of your own as you pursue your path to happiness in life. Then, meet Dawna Harrison from Chicago, Illinois and learn what makes her happy from the inside out, too.   #EmotionalIntelligence

Allison Carmen - Your Secret Gift of Maybe…

December 2, 2016


Fifteen years into her career as an attorney, Allison was forced to accept that she was an ad-dict. But it wasn’t work, drugs, alcohol, or even gambling that she was hooked on; it was certainty. Every moment of her life, Allison desperately sought to know or predict what would happen next, trapping her in a spiral of anxiety, doubt and fear. She only found hope and freedom when she dis-covered the life-altering mindset of the concept of Maybe.
Allison’s new book reveals how empowering this belief became to her and how dramatically it has improved her life and outlook. She details how, by accepting the “truths” of Maybe, we can reduce the stress and worry in our lives and open the doors to hope and possibility. Whether one has just lost a job or is dealing with concerns about health, money, or relationships, The Gift of Maybe provides the tools needed to cope with these life experiences. Topics covered include:
Reducing stress and anxiety
Creating more opportunities in life
Viewing uncertainty as a place of hope
Minimizing self-doubt as an obstacle to moving forward
Finding joy in the moment instead of worrying about the future


Bill Moore - Your Success Frequency

December 1, 2016

bill_150Co-Founder of aSmilingWorld, Bill teaches, speaks and writes on conscious business and helps visionary entrepreneurs fulfill their life purpose by building profitable businesses that make a positive contribution to the world. Bill is a business consultant, mentor and trainer with vast experience building multi-million dollar companies and as a US and European turnaround expert. He is best known for his ‘positive results’ oriented business mentoring and for achieving 100’s of percentage point increases in sales and, more importantly, as high as 80% increases in gross profits by facilitating positive, people oriented change.


Ultimate Debate: Atheism vs Spirituality w/Dave Edwards

November 30, 2016


Alright, today's episode is a special one. If you've been listening to this show you are a fruitcake, in other words, you believe in something Higher, right? Call it God, Universe, whatever. Today we have a hardcore ATHEIST! His name is Dave Edwards and we agree to disagree...

David is an entrepreneur, renovations specialist. He began podcasting two years ago and thinks everyone should do it. It is like therapy. He is the father of two sons. Believes that reality is better then fiction and reason is better then faith . The truth is more important then how you feel.  takes a rational and evidence based approach to live.


Who Do You Want to Be?

November 29, 2016

Maura_Happy Inside OutIf you’ve ever felt disenchanted, disillusioned or even critical of experts and authorities, consider looking to yourself as a new source. In a busy world, we often surrender our talents and ideas to others. We take a passive approach to the greater world, viewing it like observers watching an on-stage performance rather than actively playing a role of our own. Listen as I share two seminal personalities from the past and how they helped inspire me to play a role in our current culture and marketplace of ideas. Then, I invite you to use your own imagination. Ignite some of your latent talents and untapped abilities to “be who you really want to be” in the world. Afterward, listen in to music maker Vicky Fulop share what makes her happy from the inside out, too.   #SelfDevelopment #Leadership #SelfGovernance #Authenticity #Happiness #Maura4u


Jodi Herhsey - Naitchin’ all the Way to Your Calling…

November 25, 2016


If you've been living on the edge...and are a little bit of a fruitcake, this interview will make you smile. Seriously, Jodi tells it like it is in her latest book The Call of the Day. What's more important than finding your calling, especially in this day and age?

Smell what I'm cookin'...?

The Call of the Day  (JoyJourney of You Publications, November 2016), is a compelling invitation to see beyond the turbulence of our ego-driven lives and connect with who we really are; not our material outward looking self but the spiritual entity that dwells eternal in each of us. Author Jodi Hershey plots this journey with tremendous insight and experience, guiding us to a realm of true contentment and happiness. She explains succinctly what is happening in this unique time and why change is imperative.

Through personal growth and a change in our perspective, Hershey lets us discover how we can stand sincerely in our authentic truth, allowing us to create a peaceful world brimming with unconditional love. This book will resonate with anyone thirsting for meaning and spirituality in their lives. It will help you uncover your unique talents and realize your potential. Accept this invitation with both hands and rejoice in the freedom and joy that comes from tapping into the Universal Source. This is your call.

Jodi Hershey graduated from the University of Miami with a BA in Education.  Her expertise is in Holistic Education for adults and children.  She is the author of Thoughts to Consider with Love. Through her psychic gifts along with her spiritual counseling, Jodi feels honored to be able to help people find their own unique gifts and discover their own true potential. Jodi is the founder of Joy Journey of You. Joy provides books and services that guide others to living their own personal truth and products that bring healing, joy and meaning to them and their living environment.

For those beginning down the path of seeking their own spiritual journey, The Call Of The Day provides some of the clearest guidance for understanding the way.


Robin Hallett - Stuck? Get Unstuck NOW

November 24, 2016



Have you ever been stuck? You know, when you feel that things just don't move forward? When your spinnign the wheels but remain in the same spot? It sucks, doesn't it? Well, today Robin Hallett will ''unstuck'' you. Fast.

I'll let her tell you all about herself:

Hi, I’m Robin. I care about helping you rock your life like you really mean it. I know you have dreams for your beautiful, fabulous life and I want to see them manifest for you. It’s not enough to feel the call in your heart and picture yourself there. The obstacles need to be dealt with as well. I understandthat those obstacles can make your path feel uncertain. I’ve been there too and I want you to know, you don’t have to do this alone! Every day I do the work to continue to grow, stretch, and push my own edge. And, I am going to help you do the same. 

Visit her Website Now! 

Mary Morony - Harsh Truths from the South, a Novel

November 23, 2016


The Cream of the Crop, nobody does it better...Mary Morony wrote a trilogy based on the racism, bigotry, and prejudices of the 50s and 60s, and she nailed it in her latest novel, Done Growed Up

Smell what I'm cookin'...?

Although fiction, the trilogy is based on the hard truths of living in the South in the late 50s to early 60s and is filled with real soul searching stories to which we can all relate. For example, can Sallee, the twelve year old narrator of the story, trust the transition of her mom, Ginny, from the drunken abusive women she was to the now sober, kind, caring woman she seems to be? Even Ginny herself says, “The Ginny you know is the one I don’t recognize.” What about the oath Ginny makes to never drink another drop of alcohol if Sallee gets well? Does that mean that if she does drink, Sallee will get sick again? And Sallee isn’t even sure she wants her mom to stop drinking, for at least she knew how to handle the mean and drunk mom. “Maybe I don’t want her to change because I don’t know what that looks or feels like; I might get hurt all over again in some new way, some way I can’t even imagine,” she thinks.
Joe and Ginny are divorced now, which further adds to the dysfunction of the family. After their oldest daughter, Stuart, goes off to college in New York, they receive the phone call that is every parent’s nightmare: “Your daughter is on academic probation and has not been seen for some time.” When Joe flies to New York to investigate, he finds his daughter in the middle of a heroin overdose and seeks out help from Dr. J.: Jacob Berke. We soon learn that Dr. J. was Joe’s father’s psychiatrist, for he, too, was also addicted to heroin! We could all use a few appointments with Dr. J., who says to Stuart, “We are run by our minds. We don’t have to be, but most of us have no concept of the power of our minds. If we do not control our minds, our minds will control us. My idea is that our emotions about things are based on memories. If we change our memories, we can change our emotions.”
In the middle of all this, Ginny finds out a terrible secret about her own family’s past. One that reveals the cause of the accident that killed her father and her love, who happens to be a colored boy...or is he?