What’s Your Excuse with Max Ivey

January 26, 2017

Inner Success Radio....

...is a resource ran by Charles & Demetrius, to help people discover the potential that lies within each and every one of us. 

Who is Charles? Meet Him! 

I'm the CEO and Founder of Inner Success Radio. I'm a family man in my early thirties who learned about personal growth and development more so out of necessity than a willingness. Like so many others who've faced trials, tribulations, and failure, I had to find a way to position myself to do that very same thing. 

I thought college was the route I was to take but after going to four different colleges within a 10 year span, I came to realize this wasn't (is not) the case (currently). 

I was searching for a way to give back from all the information and experiences I went through over the years. After losing a couple of grand on different business ventures and failures, losing someone close to me in 2003 and having to bounce back from a childhood of not so favorable circumstances, I'd figure what better way to pour back into the world through podcasting!

I have many motivations and reasons for continuing this project but the main reason is because I owe it to myself. I've started many projects most failures and some successful but I never saw any of those to fruition. I remember starting a leadership blog several years ago and it becoming successful in terms of monthly visitors. After several months of seeing the growth, I started to engage in self-sabotaging behavior and abandoned the project.

The goal we have here at Inner Success Radio, among the many, is to help you see past those self-limiting beliefs and unleash the potential you have within. 

It's my hope and desire that the information shared on this website truly transform your life!