The Frederic Byé Show - Jeff Rasley

February 8, 2017

Jeff Rasley is back on The Frederic Byé Show! Livin'on the! 

MONSTERS OF THE MIDWAY 1969; Sex, Drugs, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Viet Nam, Civil Rights, and Football (2d Edition)  is historical fiction, a comedy, and a romance set at the University of Chicago (so it must be fiction). The narrative is about the struggle of the star of UChicago’s football team to cope with the cultural revolution on campus, a 2-year losing streak, and a girlfriend who hates football.

Jack's football coach, philosophy professor, and radical-feminist-girlfriend, Alice, each ask for a commitment he is hesitant to make. A farm boy from Indiana and precocious scholar-athlete, Jack tries to resolve the universal conflict between independence/personal freedom and commitment/community. (What is Love?)  The cast of characters includes a stoner buddy, air-head BFF, gay football player, mill-worker-Renaissance-scholar, suicidal Moose, Mothers of Invention, Communists, racists, and Muhammad Ali. History and historical photos are sprinkled throughout the book.

The original edition of the book was an eBook, which has been rewritten and expanded. The new edition is now available in paperback, eBook, and audio at and all other book-sales outlets.