Talking Souletics with Damon J Smith!

May 25, 2016
damonjsmithDamon JSmith is a 2-sport professional athlete turned engineer whose socially responsible technology company develops products that improve health, wellness, career readiness and social awareness.  He has played professional football, raced professional motocross, written multiple books on the topics of sports & society, fitness & nutrition, and career development, hosted his own political talk radio show, traveled internationally as a public speaker, created a social activism stage show combining music, spoken word and multi-media, and was recognized as one of 50 "Do-Right Men" by Essence Magazine.  He worked as an engineer for Intel Corporation for 18 years before leaving to launch his own health & wellness technology company, Souletics.  His new "Game of Choices II The Ultimate Career Test" iOS app is currently ranked #2 for careers in the iTunes app store.
As Rafa Selase of The Souletics Experience, available at
                                                                              Game of Choices II, available here
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