Overcoming Mental Illness w/ Author Jenny Maher

March 25, 2016

jenmaherThis is a true story that will tug at your heart. Jenny Maher never had an easy life. Growing up with a bipolar mom, her instability not only put her into foster homes, but left her walking on egg shells. She takes you through her suffering as she deals with her own mental illness; from depression, to self-harming, even experiencing jail time after getting shot. Though it was still her mother’s love and companionship she longed for, whatever the cost. Only when the pain became so overwhelming she decided to end her life. Waking up paralyzed you’ll be intrigued at what she was forced to deal with. Read not only her fierce determination to overcome constant physical challenges, but the longing to ease her inner heartache of feeling all alone in the world. Walk with her, as she finds her strength through God, that through her faith with Him she realized she will never be alone.

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