Middle East, Mandarin, and Comedy w/ Actor Len Rosen

September 7, 2016

lenRosen“It’s LEN!” will have the feeling of a live reality show, while at the same time take on the form of a wholesome comedy series.  Many of these kinds of series do very well because the audience forgets they are watching a comedy while being pulled into a virtual real world.

The series seeks to educate the viewer rather than merely amuse them.  In other words, while Len gets himself into comedic situations, similar to a reality show, the viewers are not only entertained, but exposed to real life problemsthat many up and coming artists have to deal with when struggling to succeed in the industry.

The viewing audience will get to experience two siblings from two very opposite worlds struggle in a quest to find themselves and win against very thin odds within a cut throat industry that shows no mercy, especially to two individuals, who desperately need to find their way.