Keep going NO MATTER WHAT w/ Author and Podcaster Timo!

September 28, 2016

timo-headshot-2016I, Frederic Bye, your favorite French-Canucker, along with the Queen of Yellow, Vanessa Mbamarah, chat with author and podcaster Timo! Brothas and Sistas, egg sucking dogs have no power over your life!
Read his story below for a fascinating conversation:
"I have written a book called Growing Up Nobody where I talk about being raised in a dysfunctional home. My dad suffered from mental illness.  He was diagnosed with depression and paranoia.  His insecurities made our home life difficult and it was only made worse when he lost his dream job.  He became angry and bitter as his family started to fall apart and when my mom left him he fell into a downward spire and never recovered.  I was left to tend to him and his mental illness as my mom moved to California and remarried.  I was 17.  Over the next 5 years I would find myself dealing with his delusional thoughts, anger, and his declining mental state which was made worse when my mom suddenly died.  He believed that our family would once again be reunited.  I then had the task of raising my sister and taking care of my dad until he died three years after my mom.  I was 24 by the time all of these events occurred.  In between I also had my own personal failures including a marriage. 
Thankfully, I became a Christian at age 40, and this helped me to forgive the people who had hurt me as well as helping me to forgive myself. Forgiveness is the biggest part of my book.  I believe it helps people live a better life when you forgive those who hurt you.  Because of forgiveness I was able to let go of the anger I carried around for my dad and many others. 
Now days, I am a husband, father (of 3) and a business owner.  I helped develop a men's ministry at Hope Lutheran Church in Fargo where I help men become better husbands and fathers and help inspire others with my story.  I host a podcast called "The Timo Show" where I interview interesting people who have a story to tell about their lives and are now helping others.  My wife and I host Bible studies, marriage classes, and have recently started to write for a site called"