How to be Happy (and not a shmuck) w/ Maura Sweeney

October 6, 2016

Maura_Happy Inside Out

In this episode of What's your Excuse with Max Ivey, we chat with our co-host so that you don't turn into a shmuck in life. No seriously, Maura Sweeney shares her secrets on how to live inspired and maintain your vitality, no matter what age you are. 

Maura Sweeney is an AuthorPodcasterInternational Speaker and HuffPost blogger. Also known as "The Ambassador of Happiness," Maura guides people on the path of “Living Happy – Inside Out.”

This former corporate manager, business owner and home schooling mom stepped out of her comfort zone at midlife and invites others to join her along the way. Maura’s story of learning to dance at age 50 launched her Art of Happiness  series on Amazon and the beginning of fun, ironic and sometimes profound inspiration.

Featured in outlets like, Midlife Boulevard and Britain’s BBC, Maura can be seen around the block or around the globe searching for great people, great stories and good news to share. When not chatting about comfort zones and leadership on radio shows and podcasts, she is probably looking for another reason to laugh. @Maura4u and