Gypsies, India, Music, and Arts w/ Liam Rickard

September 14, 2016

Liam is a singer-songwriter from North Wales currently active in London in several music projects, primarily his solo project Worldwide Welshman which often features guest musicians under the banner Worldwide Welshman & Beyond, and the duo Liam & his Ego, a collaboration with singer-songwriter and trumpeter Paul Murray.

He is an avid world music enthusiast with a mission to promote non-English music in a world that often appears dominated by an Anglo-American culture (which is great and high-quality, but all cultures have great music & arts; English speakers are not intrinsically more creative*). In his music and as he hopes to celebrate multiculturalism & diversity, and to help promote a world in which traditional art forms and the (transformed & diversified) international mainstream can exist side by side.

Aside from being perhaps overly involved in music & culture, Liam is interested in sustainable development, innovative technology & practices, and in finding ways to live in harmony with the planet and one another. He believes that we should all do our best to benefit others in what we do in order to collectively build a better world.