Godless - Living a Valuable Life beyond Beliefs w/ Author Jeff Rasley!

April 6, 2016

jeffBeliefs divide us, Values unite us.
The contemporary history of religious and political ideologies is bloody. From the Nazi Holocaust to beheadings by Islamic Jihadist terrorists, fanatics have divided the world into believers and heretics. Their propaganda has persuaded followers to torture and slaughter unbelievers. The cure for the pathology of fanatical beliefs is to discard religious doctrines and political ideologies. Let shared values be the guides of personal and policy decisions. Godless illuminates a way forward into a more harmonious and peaceful future. It offers a remedy for dysfunctional urban communities and to revive political participation in an age of apathy. It advocates a pragmatic middle way to counter both fundamentalist extremism and secular cynicism through community connectivity and activism.

Godless -- Living a Valuable Life beyond Beliefs begins as a memoir reaching back into the author's Puritan family history and the Salem witch trials. Rasley's worldwide travels, spiritual quest, and intellectual journey took him far from his small-town roots in the Presbyterian Church and Republican Party.

Jeff Rasley's undergraduate studies at the University of Chicago combined concentrations in Philosophy, Religion, and Politics. He received a J.D. from Indiana University and M.Div from Christian Theological Seminary. He teaches a class on philanthropy and nonprofit organizations at Butler University.

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