Gabriella Van Rij - My Life’s Mission of Kindness

November 2, 2016

Everybody freak out! Freak out! Today we chat with a PASSIONATE individual who is changing the world...literally! She's been seen on Dr. Phil, NBC, CBS, FOX, and many other networks.

Gabriella van Rij is a speaker, author, and activist for Kindness who helps transform the culture of any organization or classroom into one that values and promotes kindness. Kindness is the missing ingredient in today’s world, and the organizations and schools that adopt kindness as their motto have a deceptively simple but greatly effective tool in their arsenal. In her words, “Kindness only grows more kindness.”

Gabriella’s unique beginnings, parallels she draws, and illustrations she uses resonate, educate, and provide the audience with an unforgettable and disarming experience that will have attendees crying and laughing but ultimately empowered.