Blind, and Overcoming the Odds w/Robert T. Branco

October 14, 2016

Today I, your Favorite French Canucker, go to Perkins School as we chat with Robert Branco about succeeding despite being blind. For those of you with excuses, this will kick you in the butt.

Smell what I'm cookin'...?

Robert Branco is a life-long resident of New Bedford, Massachusetts. Legally blind since birth, Robert attended "sight-saving classes" in the public school system until his parents learned of the Perkins School for the Blind. Robert has self-published four books, including one chronicling his life at Perkins, two collections of essays, and a cookbook. He is currently the publisher of the online newsletter Consumer Vision Magazine, commissioner of an adult slow-pitch softball league, and the president of a bowling league for disabled persons. He also loves sharing his views on numerous issues pertaining to blindness, including legislation, discrimination, employment, adaptive technology, and myths about the visually impaired.

People have lots of questions about the blind. These include what was it like growing up without sight, how did it feel going away to a special school at the age of 12, what was it like living at Perkins School, and so much more. My life experiences have convinced me that there are many people who simply do not feel comfortable asking these kinds of questions, but who really are interested in knowing the answers.

If you, as a sighted person, have ever wondered what a blind person is capable of doing, the answer is that we're no different from the sighted. What we don't know, we are taught.

Robert T. Branco
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