Ashley Faulks - Turn your Blog into a Business

October 27, 2016

Ever wanted to run an online business? Today on What's Your Excuse with Max Ivey, Max and I chat about turning your blog into a profitable biznatch, and Ashley Faulks is the man to do that for ya! He introduces himself below.

ashleyfaulksCreating or running a WordPress website is a struggle, I know. But that is why I created this website and blog.

I want to help you learn and use all the ideas and strategies I find and use to make the simplest, highest converting websites around. You know, the kind of websites that simply get more customers for your business.

There is lots of hype and complex ideas out there, but I try to ignore all that. I strive for simplicity, and using what works. Whether is looks good or not (although I also prefer great design where possible).

Let’s learn what works and how to get more customers and money into your business through your website. Your number one business card. And it works 24/7!

So who is this Ashley bloke?

First things first. Yes, in America Ashley is a woman’s name, but I am Australian, and when I was a kid it was only for men!

Ok, as I mentioned above I am an Aussie. I live in Switzerland, where I run Mad Lemmings – helping small businesses succeed online.

I have been working on the web for over 14 years, and use my experience, knowledge and connections to help you succeed too!