Apex Predator w/Novelist Kelvin Kwa!

June 15, 2016

Kelvin Kwa PhotoMELBOURNE, Australia – After years of environmental destruction from warfare and exploitation of limited resources, melting icecaps are hardly humanity’s problem after military expeditions awaken a sleeping giant. “Apex Predator” by Kelvin Kwa is equal parts military techno-thriller and science fiction horror. Set in the very near future, the story follows the officers and crew of a United States nuclear submarine, a highly trained splinter unit of Navy SEALs, a Chinese Special Forces commander and a rogue freelance intelligence agent as they are entangled in a sinister covert operation that will see them hunted and betrayed by friend, enemy and monster alike.
“All of the things I have experienced contribute towards knowledge and imagination that I apply to my writing. I have a passion for a good story, and an epic story is best when shared,” Kwa said.
Though the book touches on issues such as technology, climate change, LGBT in military
service and scientific ethics, it’s first and foremost a thriller written for entertainment
purposes. “Apex Predator” is the book that Kwa wanted to write after spending a lifetime
invested in film, novels, comics and video games.

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