Antiqua Lisha on What’s Your Excuse w/ Max Ivey!

March 2, 2017

Antiqua Lisha is dedicated to helping you feel great about caring for yourself, managing your time and fulfilling your dreams. Her signature method of self-care is so much more than a program, she helps you master your 6 personal power zones and create a life, you love so you feel confident, centered and on track in each area of your life. Her holistic training's, have been featured on ABC, NBC, and FOX and awarded as one of America's Premier experts in self-care. She has three companies that have one goal to help you know, love and celebrate yourself no matter what. Her unique programs are centered around your 6 personal power zones, with online training's, professional certifications and private coaching. The Amazing You program is a personal journey for the leading woman, who has lost herself in overachieving and is done feeling less than herself and put last on her list behind the corporate later or her business obligations and family. She knows that without her putting herself first something is going to break and everything will fall apart, and she is ready to reclaim her identity, fun, and femininity. So she hires Antiqua and together they get her life back.

Her clients are highly motivated, purpose driven professionals that are worn-out, overworked and burnt out taking care of everything but themselves. She helps her clients redefine their lives, take their power back and break through the blocks that are keeping them from absolutely having it ALL their beauty, their love, and their success. 
Her message is that "YOU are your Greatest Asset." 
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