2016 Blast Day 2! Women And Money w/Oraynab Jwayyed!

January 12, 2016

Starting OverWelcome to the 2016 Blast day 2! 7 days, 7 episodes, 7 amazing authors...Today we chat with Oraynab Jwayyed. She is an accountant and consultant in Oklahoma City. She earned an MBA and BS in Accounting from the University of Central Oklahoma. She founded Business Interludes, LLC, to help women learn how to manage and organize their money. She has authored two e-books. Her latest book, Starting Over: The Practical Guide for Women After a Life Crisis, is an Amazon.com best seller. Through her own divorce and discussions with other women, she discovered there weren't enough resources for women who needed help managing their money after an unexpected life change. She blogs at www.businessinterludes.com, www.workingmother.com, and freelances for the Oklahoma Gazette. Get Her Book Here!