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The Thriving Orphan with Entrepreneur Vanessa Mbamarah

August 24, 2016

VanessaPicOrphaned at a very delicate time of her life and being a single mother with 3 siblings to raise alone, Vanessa’s dream of becoming a pillar of support for other children and women passing through similar experiences was kindled. Her experiences taught her that life is no bed of roses but with a clear vision, determination and focus, anything is achievable.Today, Vanessa Mbamarah is the Founder/CEO of Ztallion, a platform that was born out of a need to reach out to less privileged kids and women. She also runs a social media marketing agency and training institute  through her Ztallion for Business and Ztallion Academy respectively.

She shares her success story and how she joggles it all together.-->