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Music Biz, Passion, and Rejection w/Terrance D. Schemansky!

February 3, 2016


In the Spring of 1996 Terrance D. Schemansky started a record company called 3000 Records. The label started out mostly as a concept (a name) used for the organization of a local compilation album in Kalamazoo, Michigan! After that first local project, another album was organized nationally. By the year 2000, through the use of the internet, the company started to slowly grow worldwide. Since then a variety of promotional services have been created, and the label is used for helping musicians and other record labels with their promotional needs. Let’s face it, everyone knows the music business is “tough”. However, the approach taken by 3000 Records has been to build relationships one person at a time. Whether it’s conneting with people in the music industry (Ex: radio DJs, A&R, producers, etc.) OR connecting with other musicians, we realize the importance of networking. With each connection, we have been able to continue to grow while helping musicians reach the ears of the music industry and music fans. In an industry where there is a ton of noise and static, we cut through and reach people one on one.

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