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Make Perfect Peace with Your Past with Author Michael Sage Hider

August 26, 2016
Would you like to make perfect peace with your past, regardless of what that despicable person did to you? Regardless of that really stupid, stupid thing you did?

Contrary to conventional thinking, you can have enduring and lasting peace of mind—right now, regardless of what happened in your past. In Spiritual Healing: Making Peace with Your Past, Michael Sage Hider will instill in you the know-how to bravely face and triumphantly slay the Other People Dragon, the Me Dragon, and the Fate Dragon.

Michael Sage Hider obtained a BS degree in Metallurgical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati, an MA degree in Philosophy from the University of Toledo, and a Juris Doctor degree from Santa Clara University. He also pursued studies at Ohio State University, San Jose State University, and Stanford University.