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Building a Successful Idea w/Inventor Warren Wilson

August 5, 2016

WarrenWilsonWarren Wilson is a proven expert in using the inventive process to create new businesses, products, services or solutions to your problems.

More importantly, he explains proven strategies to increase the creative abilities of your listeners and the people they work with. Within a very short space of time they can have more new products, services and solutions to their problems than they ever thought possible.

Everything Warren does, including his book, How to Think Like an Inventor, is designed to help people have more of what THEY want in life.

He hopes to inspire and educate people to have a more successful and fulfilling life by sharing the strategies that allowed him, an introverted backyard inventor from Australia, to turn his idea - a kid's building block system called BetterBlocks - into a product which had $45 Million in sales.