Maura Sweeney - Ageism

October 31, 2017

Are you measuring age by calendar years and birthdays or by the patterns of thought you've acquired inside your head?

Some reflections about how all of us -- regardless of age -- can get "stuck" in our own generation and how we might un-do those thought processes to emerge more flexible, happy and free. For listeners of ever age who want to become ageless in their own right.

Then, meet Gina Shepro from Luxembourg who will share what makes her happy from the inside out, too!

Inspiration Monday -The Road Less Traveled

October 30, 2017

Today's Quote: "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. " - Robert Frost

The Blind Blogger on The Frederic Bye Show!

October 25, 2017

The Blind Blogger is here, babay!

And he has A LOT to say.

That's right, in this fun and inspiring episode, Max Ivey talks about his biggest challenge since he started his online business 5 years ago.

He talks about the power he discovered from Twitter, how he helps clients find success, and the influence of radio in getting new fans of our work 

This is aninsight-filled episode with one of my favorite people!

Inspirational Monday - Life Is About Making An Impact

October 24, 2017

Today's Quote: Life is about making an impact, not an income. - Kevin Kruse

Maura Sweeney - Only You Can Do It

October 24, 2017

Are you watching the world pass by or taking it boldly by the horns and becoming a force yourself?

It is in the "doing" of life that we find strength, purpose and joy.

Some reflections on what keeps us in a spectator mode and the benefits that occur when we step out on our own. Want to become one who "does" life rather than "watches" it? Here's some encouragement to find what is within you so that you can live according to the yearnings of your soul. Be inspired and get happier by remembering: Only You Can Do It!

Then, meet author and speaker Teresa Morrow to learn what makes her happy from the inside out, too.

Barry Eaton - Postponing the Afterlife - The Frederic Bye Show

October 18, 2017

In The Joy of Living: Postponing the Afterlife, we join Barry in his personal journey as he discovers how to do battle with the cancer trying to kill him. Confronting the fears surrounding this dreaded diagnosis, Barry unfolds his story with personal insights from partner, Anne, and son, Matt, as they support him throughout the journey. The reader is drawn into sharing the most intimate details of his life as we travel with Barry from the shock of diagnosis to the trauma of treatment and on to eventual survival. We marvel at his descriptions of how he learned to balance holistic and modern medicine to aid recovery. Drawing on support from the spirit world to help him deal with his challenges and survive the ordeal, Barry begins to develop a deeper understanding of his life’s purpose. Peppered with the sort of amusing anecdotes and vivid recollections only a seasoned raconteur could muster, Barry reveals how we all can—and must!—learn to appreciate the joy of living…even in the face of death.

Barry includes many holistic therapies in his quest to survive the  cancer, he used a Crystal bed from John of God, meditation, anddistance healing.

BARRY EATON is a well-known radio and TV presenter, author and journalist, spending most of his career at ABC and various commercial stations in Sydney, Australia. He is also an astrologer, medium, and psychic intuitive, and Radio Out There, his interactive internet radio program, allows his guests to share their metaphysical knowledge to the world.

Maura Sweeney - What’s Your Venue?

October 17, 2017

re you doing what you want but in the wrong place? A look at how venues we gather in can either support and uplift us or marginalize and overlook our talents and presence. If you’ve never heard Katie Couric’s back story about starting out her career at CNN, don’t miss this excellent example and more. An inspiring and insightful self-help podcast demonstrating how venues can make a difference when we’re desiring to live happy from the inside out.

Inspirational Monday - Want To Make God Laugh? Tell Him Your Plans…

October 16, 2017

Today's quote is from Woody Allen: "If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans." 

This is a good one. :)  

Maresha Donna Ducharme - The Way Home To Love - The Frederic Bye Show!

October 11, 2017

MARESHA DONNA DUCHARME is the founder and resident teacher of The Snow Dragon Sanctuary, a non-profit, charitable organization.

Her commitment to help each individual realize peace, health, and well-being in life is the foundation of her teaching.

For more than 35 years, she has been inspiring others to realize the sources of healing and peace which exist within each one of us.

Her vision is to help people become empowered by living in conscious connection to the Divine, thereby create health and joy in living as expressed in the creation of The Sanctuary.

     Maresha holds degrees in teaching, education, holistic and macrobiotic counseling, and energy medicine.

Her background and experience in spiritual and theological training is diverse, and she has participated in a teaching ministry for the last 30 years.

Maresha is a fire keeper of the sweat lodge, has trained extensively in Eastern medicine, and, in 1984, was initiated into the Kundalini Shaktipat tradition.

In 2000, she established The Sanctuary, a mountaintop retreat open to all faiths and traditions and dedicated to the healing of humankind’s body, mind and spirit.

Maura Sweeney - Limited Scope

October 10, 2017
Are you seeing life through a limited lens?
 Have you been viewing your life and circumstances through a restricted and narrow perspective, or opening up your mind to a broader way of thinking?
In this podcast, discover several examples of how by defining an idea through a narrow perspective, I prevented myself from seeing so much more – even though the evidence was all around me!
If you have ever restricted your own ideas on life and are looking for inspiration that leads to abundant vision, listen in.
Then listen to Natalia from Poland as she shares what makes her happy from the inside out, too.
#abundance #vision #hope #perspective #mothering

Inspirational Monday! - Depressed…Really?

October 9, 2017

In this episode, I will ask you a hard question.

You say you are depressed. Are you really? Or do you need a switch in perspective?

The Blind Blogger On…Finding Your Intersection

October 9, 2017
  1. Don't force things.
  2. Just because you think you should have a life coach doesn't mean that's what people want from you.
  3. Find that one thing or group of things that you do really well and that people need you to do.
  4. Nothing wrong with offering services for free to get practice, prove worth, and build a client base that you can expand from later.
  5. There is freedom in finding out that people not only want me but need me as an online media publicist getting them booked on radio shows, podcasts, and other outlets.


Luci McMonagle - Magical Money Manifestations - The Frederic Bye Show!

October 4, 2017

Luci McMonagle transformed her poverty-stricken life that she grew up in into one of abundance, wealth, and happiness by working less and making more money.

She is the Mystic Wealth Creator and focuses on mentoring Spiritual Mystic Entrepreneurs to create more freedom in their business & life through conscious wealth creation so they can make a BIG impact in the world to leave a legacy.

Luci is an expert on energy clearings and empowers others with her unique approach blending practical tools with spirituality that enables hidden blocks to be transmuted.

This opens the doors for more powerful creativity and more wealth to flow.

** Like free gifts? Luci has a meditation on Overcoming Your Fears of Selling at

Maura Sweeney - Crusher or Catalyst

October 3, 2017

If you’re experiencing loss, disappointment, frustration or any other daunting challenge, how are you processing?

A look at the way these challenges can either crush us in life or provide a powerful catalyst to move us upward, onward and to a more powerful state.

An empowering way to reassess where you are and help you see your current challenge as a pathway to greater happiness in life.

Meet Ossama El Dabbagh from Egypt who will share what makes him happy, too.


Self-Development, Mental Health Tips, How to be happy, Egypt, 

Inspirational Monday! - Victor Hugo

October 2, 2017
"Perseverance, secret of all triumphs." Victor Hugo
Think about it...
With purpose, passion, and love,