Trying New Ways w/ The Blind Blogger Max Ivey!

June 29, 2017

Max is one of these people who transformed himself a lot by making changes.

Some of them he was forced to by circumstances, and his natural curiosity caused others.

He started out as a carney after all. What’s your Excuse with Max Ivey – Known Around the World as The Blind Blogger –  is about how do people become who they are, how does adversity change and in many cases improve them?

What were the key events, and what were the steps?

He is a big believer in the importance of the small steps over the big leaps.

It is often the smallest action that will get you on the path to success.

People so often say if Max can do it then why can’t I.

And Max believes a lot of our guests are going to leave people feeling the same way. The show airs every Thursday.

Cate Montana on The Frederic Bye Show…From the Vault!

June 28, 2017

A book of liberation and ecstasy, The E-Word lucidly explains how the ego is created, how it thinks, and how its limited mind-set can be expanded—not inflated—into a joyous transpersonal perspective that eradicates feelings of isolation, fear, and insecurity in your life.

Through stories, practices, and a masterful detangling of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the Matrix, and quantum physics, The E-Word strips the ego bare and liberates the soul in highly entertaining, relatable ways, revealing how even self-improvement techniques can chase away the very fulfillment and wisdom we seek. Montana further reveals how the ego co-opts spirituality, dangling enlightenment in front of us as a prize.

Stuffed with electrifying insights and transformative meditations and exercises, The E-Word is the ultimate how-to guide for discovering the “real you” within.

Maura Sweeney - The Song of Your Life

June 27, 2017

What is the song of your life? We all have one, even if we can’t carry a tune. We all have a private song that hums within us and serves as a mental backdrop to our life expectation and experiences. After listening to a story about writing the lyrics to a song from my junior high years, you’ll be inspired and empowered to discover, evaluate and possibly choose a new song of your own. Self-help for living happy from the inside out. Then listen to John Hanfland from Brooklyn and hear what makes him happy from the inside out, too.     #Maura4u, #MauraSweeney, #LivingHappy, #MyMusic, #SelfHelp, #Mindfulness  

A Simple Formula For Overcoming Fear and Worry

June 26, 2017

Is fear and worry holding you back from reaching your goals and dreams?

Discover a simple formula to overcome your fears and begin moving towards your dreams.

PLUS, listen to the end because there is a powerful tool you can use to take charge of your "personal power and unleash it!"

With purpose, passion, and love,


What’s Your Excuse w/Max Ivey

June 22, 2017

What's Your Excuse host Max Ivey talks about doing one thing every day outside your comfort zone.

Some may refer to these acts as crazy or brave. Email him about your one small step you took after hearing this.

He shares about being offered the opportunity to get his hair dyed and styled and how he didn't shy away from the dare.

He mentions a couple of his favorite sayings including "failure isn't the worst thing that can happen, being afraid to fail is" and the best thing that can happen is to have a friend double dog dare you.

Horror Novelist JF Dubeau on The Frederic Bye Show!

June 21, 2017

Today we chat novels!

We talk to JF Dubeau who just published his debut novel with Inkshares!

We chat about some of the myths about getting publushed, we talk money, we talk about the creative process, the hurdles and lucky breaks he got, and more!

Here is what his novel is about:

The village of Saint-Ferdinand has all the trappings of a quiet life: farmhouses stretching from one main street, a small police precinct, a few diners and cafés, and a grocery store. Though if an out-of-towner stopped in, they would notice one unusual thing―a cemetery far too large and much too full for such a small town, lined with the victims of the Saint-Ferdinand Killer, who has eluded police for nearly two decades. It’s not until after Inspector Stephen Crowley finally catches the killer that the town discovers even darker forces are at play.

When a dark spirit reveals itself to Venus McKenzie, one of Saint-Ferdinand’s teenage residents, she learns that this creature’s power has a long history with her town―and that the serial murders merely scratch the surface of a past burdened by evil secrets.

Who or What Are You Protecting

June 20, 2017

Are you protecting someone, or something, to your own detriment?

We can all train ourselves to believe in something quite strongly. We may adamantly protect a person, a belief or even a dogma, even when such protection proves illogical.

In this podcast, I talk about Stockholm Syndrome, a term coined several decades ago when victims of a Swedish bank robbery curiously protected their own captors, refusing to testify against them in court.

The idea of protecting other people, ideas or even dogmas is universal; it’s part of the human condition. The notion often shows up when we’re part of a religious, peer or group mentality. Within such confines, we often refuse to consider facts or ideas that fall outside the scope of commonly agreed-upon thought.

While we might be open-minded in certain ways, some of us remain highly defensive and protective in others.

Listen in as I explain a few experiences I’ve had in life. See if you can relate and feel more empowered as a result.

Our willingness to open the doors to new light, broader perspectives and alternate ideas not only frees us from hidden fears. It ultimately helps us enjoy greater freedom, harmony and happiness.

Finally, listen in to Casey from Southington, Connecticut talk about what makes her happy from the inside out, too!

#Lies #StockholmSyndrome #Cults #Freedom #Peace

The Law Of Attraction and Natural Disasters

June 19, 2017

Several people have asked for help in understanding how the Law of Attraction is at work when something as serious as the tsunami or other natural disasters occur.

If you are wondering the same thing, then this episode may help you understand AND keep your own vibration high and clear.

Listen in, until the end, because there is a special video at the end on the law of attraction that I recommend you watch.


With purpose, passion, and love,


The Blind Blogger on his recent book and speaking tour (and some painful lessons he learned)!

June 14, 2017

This is a special episode with two good buddies chatting about life!

Max Ivey - The Blind Blogger - my good friend, talks about his recent tour.

He spoke to kids who work for the good of their community.

He details how he sold books while sitting in his bus (what a shameless promoter).

He also talks about his recent book signing...when nobody showed up!

We discuss about owning and being proud of our professional titles - he as an author, I, as a creative entrepreneur and investor.

We also chat about building our online audience...

...and other people's fascination when we tell them we are podcasters and bloggers.

Fun chat with an inspiring friend!

Maura Sweeney - Believing Every Authority?

June 13, 2017

Do you always believe what the authorities tell you?

You may not be aware of how frequently -- and sometimes blindly – we accept the words or advice from others without questioning the veracity or intentions of their proclamations and expertise.

Listen to three unique stories and hear several perspectives on what happens when we believe every authority. See how automatically believing every authority doesn’t always help us. This is empowering self-help for anyone on a path toward personal peace and happiness.

Then listen to Davie Bernard who shares what makes her happy from the inside out, too.

#Maura4u, #LivingHappy, #Mindfulness, #Self-Help, #PersonalGrowth #Communism #LifeLessons

The Law Of Attraction and Manifesting Your Desires…?

June 12, 2017

The say you can have anything your heart desires through applying the universal law of attraction. 

However, I learned that the key is to really be in touch with your Higher Self in order for your true heart’s desire to manifest for you on a conscious level. 

If a desire comes to you which is primarily revealed only through your personal ego – your lower self – without actual guidance from your Higher Self, then this desire has a lesser chance of manifesting. 

How then do you tap into that part of you which is in touch with your Higher Self ? 

Listen in as we discuss this fascintation topic!


Wade Fransson talks book publishing on What’s Your Excuse w/ Max Ivey!

June 8, 2017

When not authoring and publishing books, Wade manages technology negotiations for Kohl’s Department Stores. He holds an M.B.A. from Keller Graduate School of Management, and has focused on the integration of technology into business strategy and operations, including his experience performing strategic planning for Countrywide’s Administration and Real Estate Division. Wade previously worked for the Worldwide Church of God, using German, French, Swedish, and Russian language skills to develop global education programs across Europe and behind the Iron Curtain. Wade lives in Madison, Wisconsin, with his wife and two children, who attend the Madison Community Montessori School, where Wade is a board member. 

Dr. Amit Goswami on The Frederic Bye Show!

June 7, 2017

Theoretical Quantum Physicist Dr. Amit Goswami is a retired full professor from the University of Oregon’s Department of Physics where he served from 1968 to 1997.

He is a pioneer of the new paradigm of science called “science within consciousness,” an idea he explicated in his seminal book, The Self-Aware Universe, where he also solved the quantum measurement problem elucidating the famous observer effect.

Goswami has written several other popular books based on his research on quantum physics and consciousness.

In The Visionary Window, he demonstrates how science and spirituality can be integrated.

In Physics of the Soul, Goswami develops a theory of survival after death and reincarnation.

In The Quantum Doctor, Goswami seeks to integrate both conventional and alternative medicine.

In Creative Evolution, Goswami presents a resolution between Darwinism and the intelligent design of life. In God is Not Dead, Goswami demonstrates that not only are science and religion compatible but that quantum physics proves the existence of God.

In Quantum Creativity: Think Quantum, Be Creative, Goswami explains all facets of creativity—its definition, the quantum thinking it entails, and what is required to be creative.

Most interestingly, Goswami says, “Every human being has creative potential, and grasping the quantum process—do-be-do-be-do—will help everyone to explore his or her creative potential.”

In Quantum Economics: Unleashing the Power of an Economics of Consciousness (May 2015), Goswami focuses on critical issues for a new paradigm in economics and business for the twenty-first century touching upon the stability and sustainability of the economy and leadership as well as creativity and ethics in business.

In his private life, Goswami is a practitioner of spirituality and transformation.

He calls himself a quantum activist. He appeared in the film “What the Bleep Do We Know!?” and its sequel “Down the Rabbit Hole” as well as the documentaries “Dalai Lama Renaissance” and the award winning “The Quantum Activist.”

Maura Sweeney - Making Happy Hour Happy

June 6, 2017

Are you waiting for someone else to create happiness, or are you ready to create some yourself?

In this latest podcast, I take up the topic of Happy Hours! Discover the elements that make a happy hour truly happy and start thinking outside-the-box.

Though I talk about my earliest recollections of family “happy hours” during the 1960’s era of cocktails and martinis, I expand the notion about where – and how – happy hours happen. Join me through a few of my own experiences in life as I created different versions of happy hours. Then be inspired and challenged to make a happy hour happen that’s all your own.

In my first ever challenge of this type, I invite listeners to write and send me photos or videos of their own versions of “Making Happy Hour Happen.”

Then listen in as Brigitte Plugge from The Hague, Netherlands shares with us what makes him/her happy from the inside out, too!

#Happiness #Creativity #Empowerment #Inspiration

Your Personal Success Made Simple

June 5, 2017
Have you ever wandered through life aimlessly? 
Have you ever been unclear about what you want and who you are? Feeling as though you are not living the life you were destined for?
I did. 
And that was not so long ago. 
When I was a financial advisor I had to sell products I did not believe in. 
The pain in my gut was real. Raw. 
I would get anxious - a sick kind of anxiety - before meeting clients.
The results? 
My sales were terrible. (I was ashamed, which resulted in my sales being even more horrible - like a vicious cycle) 
My self-esteem took a hit. 
My creativity was in a downward spiral. 
I became confused about the life I truly wanted. 
 I asked the Universe constantly: why am I doing this? What is my life's purpose? 
Somewhere inside me I knew I was destined for more. 
I couldn't let anger and bitterness control my life. 
Something had to change. 
Fast forward four years later and I have an online business, a blog, a podcast, and I speak to world-renowned experts like Neale Donald Walsch and Amit Goswami... 
...on a regular basis! 
More importantly, I feel fulfilled. 
It feels right. 
How can this be? 
The major shift occurred when someone offered me to follow a blueprint... 
...both for my personal life and my business.
I learned that self-esteem can be cultivated, that clarity of purpose is possible to achieve...
...and that I have the talent to be creative in my own way. 
I believe the same for you. 
Today's podcast is about your personal success made simple. 
You can watch at
He talks about the same tools that I used to increase my confidence, "dust off" my toxic feelings...
...and reprogram my mind.
If you are really serious about creating a positive shift in your life...
Your best life might be a few minutes away.
With purpose, passion, and love,

Carol Papini aka The Caregiving Road Warrior on What’s Your Excuse w/ Max Ivey

June 1, 2017

Carol Papini, know as Connector Carol the Caregiving Road Warrior is an Intuitive Energy Healer, and a Health and Wellness Mentor.

She is also caregiver to her husband Bill who was disabled by a massive stroke in 2011.

Carol shares her story of overcoming adversity in a way that most people would not attempt.

How to live a Vibrant Life in Tiny Home as a Caregiver.

Their tiny home happens to be on wheels and she has been driving her husband around the country for over 5 yrs, in a 31' foot Motorhome.

She provides tips on how she did it and how to assist other Caregivers and Cargivees. 

She shares how to be a true advocate and question everything.