Dr. Joe Gallenberger - Abundance, Health, and Miracles

August 31, 2016

aboutJoePhotoDr. Joe Gallenberger is a clinical psychologist with over 30 years experience as a therapist and a great interest in the universal principles of manifestation. In 1995, he began exploring psychokinesis, the ability to influence matter through non-physical means. He has achieved statistically powerful results in university laboratories and, after advancing his methods over years of study, began to teach this skill to groups that share his passion and interest in the fundamentals of manifestation.

What if We Didn’t Need Money to Live?

August 30, 2016

Do we really need money to live?

Have we substituted money for our true wealth, what American essayist Henry David Thoreau describes as the ability to fully experience life? 

The question has often piqued my curiosity. 

If money were the final arbiter to an abundant life, wouldn’t those with the largest sums of it would be legendary? They’d claim the best health and longevity; the greatest joys from personal pursuits; the happiest marriages and relationships; and the highest levels of peace and well-being.

But they don’t.

Admittedly, money is a necessary vehicle of exchange that provides us with access to clothing, shelter and transportation. Money can connect us with lots of good things, but it has hardly lived up to its reputation for delivering us true wealth.

The Creative Magic Network is Born!

August 29, 2016

The Creative Magic Network will be a combination of podcasts/radio shows from entertaining and inspiring hosts posted every week. The Creative Magic Network is for people who aspire to a creative life but is afraid to take the first step. It is for regular people who work nine-to-five, or artists and business people looking to learn something new. The aim will be to entertain, inspire, and educate.

See ya, down the road… 🙂 

With Purpose, Passion, and Love

Frederic Byé

Make Perfect Peace with Your Past with Author Michael Sage Hider

August 26, 2016
Would you like to make perfect peace with your past, regardless of what that despicable person did to you? Regardless of that really stupid, stupid thing you did?

Contrary to conventional thinking, you can have enduring and lasting peace of mind—right now, regardless of what happened in your past. In Spiritual Healing: Making Peace with Your Past, Michael Sage Hider will instill in you the know-how to bravely face and triumphantly slay the Other People Dragon, the Me Dragon, and the Fate Dragon.

Michael Sage Hider obtained a BS degree in Metallurgical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati, an MA degree in Philosophy from the University of Toledo, and a Juris Doctor degree from Santa Clara University. He also pursued studies at Ohio State University, San Jose State University, and Stanford University.

The Thriving Orphan with Entrepreneur Vanessa Mbamarah

August 24, 2016

VanessaPicOrphaned at a very delicate time of her life and being a single mother with 3 siblings to raise alone, Vanessa’s dream of becoming a pillar of support for other children and women passing through similar experiences was kindled. Her experiences taught her that life is no bed of roses but with a clear vision, determination and focus, anything is achievable.Today, Vanessa Mbamarah is the Founder/CEO of Ztallion, a platform that was born out of a need to reach out to less privileged kids and women. She also runs a social media marketing agency and training institute  through her Ztallion for Business and Ztallion Academy respectively.

She shares her success story and how she joggles it all together.--> http://bit.ly/2a4ZB9u

Divorce, Miracles, and Magic w/ Author Amy Van Atta Slater

August 19, 2016

Amy is a SVP to a high tech Fortune 500 company in the Bay Area, she is a leadership mentor and a highly sought after keynote speaker who wrote a book on how she overcame an onslaught of challenges that hit her at the same time.  The issues ranged from chronic IBS, the surprising end of a 17 year marriage, becoming a single parent to her three daughters overnight and her father’s diagnosis of Lewy Body Dementia, Amy was determined not to fall into depression or resign all hope.  It was Amy’s commitment to maintaining a positive outlook and taking responsibility for her happiness that has changed not only her life, but the lives of all those she comes in contact with.

As a keynote speaker, Amy has present all over the country.

You can visit Amy’s website at www.AmyVSlater.

The Power of Creativity and Visionary Fiction w/ Novelist Eleni Papanou

August 17, 2016

Eleni Papanou is a lightworker and author of visionary fiction. She wrote her first poem when she was an outcast at school. Honored with the name  “Greek Freak,” she believed life was plagued with misery, torment and endless suffering. A spontaneous kundalini awakening thrust Eleni on a spiritual path that constantly tested her to the breaking point by challenging her world-view and everything else she held sacred. Through visions and personal insights, Eleni eventually discovered the Universe has a sense of humor. She started laughing more—mostly at herself—whenever she caught herself taking things too seriously. After many years on the path of self-rediscovery—along with the addition of a husband, two daughters and a bout with cancer, Eleni had a lot to say. Having already written several screenplays, she decided to describe her experiences in novel form. Eleni’s second  novel, Jessie’s Song, will be published in June, and she’s currently plotting her eighth book. She’s also one of the founding members of the Visionary Fiction Alliance.

Historical Fiction, War, and Nisei w/Novelist JJ White

August 12, 2016
We are Happy to have novelist JJ White on the show! After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States government encouraged all eligible young men to enlist immediately in the fight against its enemies overseas. All eligible young men except Japanese-Americans.Nisei is the story of Hideo Bobby Takahashi, a Hawaiian-born Japanese-American who must overcome prejudice, internment, and the policies of his own government to prove his loyalty to his country.Narrated by Bobby Takahashi and read by his son, Robert, 46 years after Bobby’s death, the story details the young Nisei’s determination to fight honorably for his country and return to the young love he was forced to leave, a girl he cannot have because she is white.

Erase the Problem of Bullying w/ Author Jill Vandewood

August 10, 2016

eraseBullyingBullying, discrimination, teasing, and abuse are harmful. Some violate your civil rights, as well. And all of them are wrong.

Bullies nearly kept NBA All Star James Donaldson from a successful basketball career. Abby was bullied by her friends' parents because of her mom's occupation. Federal prisoner Cedric Dean learned at a young age to bully others to get what he wanted, but now works to educate troubled youth. Their stories, along with many others, offer insight into bullying from the perspective of both the victim and the bully.

Experts, from authors to retired court judges, share information and resources to help both kids and parents learn their rights and ways to protect from bullying.

Others have survived bullying and built successful lives.

You can, too.

Building a Successful Idea w/Inventor Warren Wilson

August 5, 2016

WarrenWilsonWarren Wilson is a proven expert in using the inventive process to create new businesses, products, services or solutions to your problems.

More importantly, he explains proven strategies to increase the creative abilities of your listeners and the people they work with. Within a very short space of time they can have more new products, services and solutions to their problems than they ever thought possible.

Everything Warren does, including his book, How to Think Like an Inventor, is designed to help people have more of what THEY want in life.

He hopes to inspire and educate people to have a more successful and fulfilling life by sharing the strategies that allowed him, an introverted backyard inventor from Australia, to turn his idea - a kid's building block system called BetterBlocks - into a product which had $45 Million in sales.

The Emergence of Visionary Fiction w/ Novelist and Founder Jodine Turner

August 3, 2016

jodineTurner bestJodine Turner is a best-selling, and multiple award winning author of Young Adult/Adult fantasy, visionary fiction, magical realism, and paranormal romance. She is also an Adorata Practitioner in the spiritual path of embodying divine love and balancing the feminine and masculine within; as well as a therapist, consecrated priestess, and deacon in the Gnostic Church of Mary Magdalene.

What Is Visionary Fiction?

Visionary Fiction embraces spiritual and esoteric wisdom, often from ancient sources, and makes it relevant for our modern life. Gems of this spiritual wisdom are brought forth in story form so that readers can experience the wisdom from within themselves. Visionary fiction emphasizes the future and envisions humanity’s transition into evolved consciousness. While there is a strong theme, it in no way proselytizes or preaches.

Visionary is a tone as well as a genre. The ‘visionary’ element can technically be present in any genre and set in any time.